Show wrap up (12/14-15) and the many futures…

It’s 12/18/2012
Howdy and hello,
So that Naked Lunch show was weird, huh? Hahaha, I really enjoyed it (Thanks again Sun-Ray gang!) and was so happy Brian was willing to work on it with us. We have a long way to go to turn that format into something everyone can understand and enjoy, but I think we are going to make a solid effort towards that. It might even become a splinter project with a different name. We’ll see how it develops.

Relatively short explanation of the presentation:
… Because we missed some cues that would have helped it make more sense… at least I believe it would have… Anyway, So the idea was three “hook-y” sections that diminished in length as the set went on with three “drone-y” sections that increased in length in between. This was something we found while exploring ideas of how to follow his writing. It seemed like breaking it up was the best course of action and it ended up creating this neat interplay between tension and release. Sort of like addiction to … well anything really. So we ran with that.

The initial hook sounds cool and lures you in. Dark stormy strange and wandering it leaves in two minutes and yields to a droning boroughs voice impression. You are barraged with images and three “voices” and random percussion. The feeling should be unsettling and sort of tiring. It only lasts for two minutes at first… same as the hook. Next the hook is reduced to less than two minutes and the drone increased to four. Now you get less high and more irritation. By the end you are only getting about a minute and change of hook and 7-9 straight minutes of drone while we break down the set and roll away. The whole show dismantles much as the work itself attempts to deconstruct your emotional response to it while you are watching. Judging from some reactions we didn’t execute it or explain it well enough for this to read well and be entertaining on it’s own… I think we can figure out a way though. A bit more flair here and there. A bit more attention to each other in the interplay. It hurt that Corey and Adam had no monitoring. I fucked up and didn’t realize I needed to run the PA. I should have monitored or at least balanced things better. It’s a tricky room. I’ll remember to rig something special up and test it better next time.

It was fun to see that movie again. I know it’s difficult for most people. It’s not by any means easy to watch or follow… you sort of have to be used to that style to get the most out of it. Yeah I know it’s kinda silly there are these branches of art and entertainment that require a “primer” to understand, but that’s sort of how it works if you want to explore certain ideas. You have to have your “vocabulary” (of symbols) set up so everyone is coming from the same basis of understanding or people just get lost and start feeling frustrated. They lose attention… the ADD thing. I blame the education system. Jokes.

Anyway, thanks to all that came out and super thanks to the “soldiers” that stuck it out with me and Adam. I like how that movie forces me to re-evaluate what lust and attraction are… what love is… to see how those feelings influence almost everything we do… I also like the idea of being a detective of the metaphysical. Trying to figure out which part of your own brain is working against you… It’s a funny idea. A drug that makes your emotions speak to you in a very literal way is also funny. Almost the opposite of what they do in our world. Yeah… after all this time it’s good to know the thing can still hold up to scrutiny and yet still bomb completely with most movie watchers… hahahhaa.. Some things never lose function…

Thick weekend! The CoRK show was really cool. It was fun to be in charge of a show again and to have exclusively GOOD bands and to have it all work out and sound great. There were definitely problems, but they didn’t actually hurt anything, none of them really held shit up for too long. Everything sounded either endearingly crappy or genuinely good. Adam and Ben helped a fuck ton with that. I’m not fast with the live mixing so I switched roles to runner and let them work their magic. Crystal and Olivia made the breathing movie screen happen by providing the materials for us. That was cool. I think I want to eventually make a bonafide installation of some kind with that idea. Gimmie a rotary fan and an old tv, we’ll do videodrome. .. yeah… It was all pretty great.
I think we may have sabotaged Thee Holy Ghosts with an impromptu house gathering after the show that lasted way too long, but we wish them luck on their continued tour. Good first night right guys? Hahaha. Hope you got some kind of rest.

The futures?
Look for a coffee show at Bold Bean. Jan 12th. It’s a Saturday. I’ll get more info soon. It’ll be the preliminary build version of a show we are working on for Tom at Birdie’s in 5-points. Experimenting with a set way outside our comfort zone. I guess I won’t say too much quite yet but I might talk about it a bit if the test runs work out. That show will be in February but we haven’t set a date yet as that shit seems an eternity away right now. No rush. Probably sometime mid Feb. Maybe 15, 16, something… We’ll see.

Still working on the breakdown of what the whole “Wudun” band project was/is about but we’ll get that up in the near future. I might have to just dump it out in a kind of odd prose form. It’s hard to make sense of a process like ours but I feel like we should try just to show how far this type of method goes… and for all the people who crave that kind of information from creative units they enjoy. Definitely not for everyone. Takes a willingness to bend the ear. We certainly aren’t raised that way around these parts.
I understand.
Don’t be strangler.


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