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It’s 12/10/2012
Hey ya’ll,
In the spirit of keeping everything updated here’s a rundown of what’s coming in the near future:

- Wed. Dec. 12th at Cork there is a release for Jim Draper’s Feast of Flowers PDF companion. It has a whole bunch of cool artists contributing work and Jim is an awesome guy with a huge project rolling out soon and this night will allow people to get a bit of a glimpse of the larger work. We have some sound pieces in there as well. 6pm-9pm.

- Fri. Dec. 14th there is a full art and music show at Cork called “Eskimo Kinship”. It will feature visual artists like Crystal Floyd, Olivia Carr, Ryan Strasser, Jesse Gay, Clay Doran, Ryan Johnson, and Matt Allison. It will also feature music by Thee Holy Ghosts, The Mold, Wudun, and Shylights, with aftershow dance music by DJ Dots and DJ LaMars. Gallery is from 6pm-10pm, bands from 9pm onward.
eskimo kinship at CORK

- Sat. Dec. 15th Wudun will be taking part in the Sun-Ray Cinema series entitled “Push-Play”. We will be presenting an original intro to the movie Naked Lunch. The intro will involve both music and read prose from local writer Brian Guiry. It will start at 9:45pm and the intro runs about 15-20minutes or so. The movie will be shown directly after. Hope to see you there, it’s really great Tim and Shana are doing things like this at the theater and we hope people support it as a format.

In addition to all this, we will be updating the website here regularly starting next week. Trying to get it all filled out and finish the whole explanation and breakdown of the Wudun project… as we’ve realized it’s purposes and goals are probably a bit obtuse without any kind of explanation. So look forward to that and a filling out of the soundtrack and written word sections of the site as time goes on.

Thanks again for all the support we hope to see you guys at one of these upcoming events.


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