Deep Search afterfuzz…

It’s 01/22/2013
The show at Deep Search records went really well. Missed so many acts I wanted to see but we had to throw a practice in the same day so sometimes it just goes that way. When we first got there I was told they were behind schedule but our set came up 30 minutes early so whoever did the scheduling was aces. The sound in there was surprisingly good. Room sounded nice. Thanks to Garf for running the board. Jack kept us stable after you left, worked out great. We wrapped up your gear bits and kept them safe in the care of Rich and the ladies.

It was fun to play a normal show after all the Cummer business… It felt like we were suddenly better. Like the whole learning process of the soundscape stuff immediately paid off. It’s rare when that feeling occurs but there’s nothing quite like it. A sense of looseness and joy with a solid footing underneath. A good dance floor in metaphor. I get lost real easy while playing in that mood… even when the buildup is quite the opposite feeling. Like sitting in a trough waiting for it all to start moving up hill. Set-wise: Mostly similar to CoRK show. Mangled the songs ever so slightly like fluffing pillows. Tried one modified tune and one new old one. Cheers dug up again. Reworked a bit. I flubbed a whole lot of notes but that one doesn’t rely on me at all so I think it maybe slid by.

I managed to remember the field recorder but, once again and as usual, I forgot to ask someone to operate it for me… So again I failed to document the show in any quality way. Fortunately Mr. Whalebelly (Brian G.) had the presence of mind to record the last three songs of the set on his future phone. It’s aight. I was very distracted during Jim and I can tell when watching the recording but it happens sometimes. Lots going on and hit a few weird notes that zapped me back to earth. Plus funny audience biz at that point. All in all though, the show was so good I barely remember being there… which is always a good sign… when performing anyway. No seriously.

Thanks again Rich and everyone who put the show together. I enjoyed it. Wish you luck.


Videos follow: Watch for T.Hawk in first vid about 2:20 or so.

Jim’s Grin

Western C

JAMC cover “In a Hole”

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