Another run around the sun…

It’s 1/1/2013
Hello hello. Small update. I spoke too soon (in the last post) of the Bold Bean and Birdies shows. Those will still be happening but most likely one month delayed in both cases. I won’t bring these kinds of things up again until we actually have dates set to avoid this type of confusion moving forward. We had, quite some time ago, agreed to provide some background music for a couple Cummer events and I didn’t realize they were actually going to contact us and commit to the whole thing. So that was a lovely surprise but it caused our scheduling to fall apart. So apologies to all and we’ll get it all back on track once these mid-January events are finished.

Other than that we are learning to shoot video and stills using SLRs for some upcoming projects, working on more of the “structured improv” techniques for live with both “hulland…” and “wudun” while prepping for those Jan. events, and I’m still traveling around the city collecting interviews for another upcoming project. So that’s the rhythm of the life of late.

Watched the fireworks from the bridge. It always sounds better than it looks to me… I’ve yet to remember the field recorder though. Managed to snag a video on the old fancy-phone but it didn’t look too hot… we’ll see if it’s actually worth it’s space in storage soon enough. Hope all is well for you guys so early into this new year. Personally I’m going to start learning how to deal with all this constant body tension. Regardie has been very helpful.


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