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sifting the medium… fake history?

More talking to myself…
Thinking more. Feeling more. Reminding myself why I choose certain ways of doing music in certain situations… Trying to build my music view into thoughts and words instead of just feelings. Perhaps so I can actually explain it competently when talking to others… Mostly because I get tired of not knowing.

Preface (in which the premise is very slowwwwly explained):
I feel like I grew up with many odd assumptions about music. I think it’s a natural thing for a young person growing up in this era, especially if they started with it before they were really even old enough to consider /anything/, let alone the ins and outs of this complicated form they are working with.
Born into this tunnel view of something really old and large and powerful.
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sifting process…

So tonight I was enjoying music and thinking about projects I was working on and deciding on what I wanted to do with this little writing/poem response thing I’ve been messing with (personal project)… I wanted to do something that encapsulated many things I felt while reading but I found I was having trouble figuring out how to channel what I needed to get the initial idea. To build that starting form I need so I know what the break down or fight against. It was that familiar feeling of splashing around in a huge sea and not knowing which way to start swimming. I have so many tools to cope with that, but I don’t want to fall into the old standards as this is a direct response to an individual and has nothing to do with any of that other razmataz. There will be no decay or dissolving. No response rhythms and bent samples. This must stand alone.

So how do I start over? What was my process to create those tools to begin with? It was so long ago I don’t even recall what I did. Most other projects I’ve worked on were born from some idea that just came and set me off running… Continue reading