quick update… future moves

Hey there. How ya been? Okay so I’m just sort of keeping the news feed somewhat active here. Planned articles have been delayed while I finish out an album for one of my band projects, finish a mix for a recent collaboration, help develop foley and sound track for a sci fi film project, and get some of those new and old RFace songs back in my hands before we go out.
On the up side, however, the “Fake Label” pages are beginning to come together thanks to Micah and Ben’s continued efforts with building all of that technical infrastructure. Really glad to be a part of it and excited to finally have a web presence I can be proud of and won’t mind updating. Got to see the previews and they are looking nice and clean. Kind of like a fashion site where the focus is the content and not the design. Good for mobiles too.
Okay I’m gonna mail these mixes out. Y’all be good. I’ll likely get back to the actual article style stuff and stop this boring news updating format once this all solidifies and the site moves over… unless I get the itch to write alot while on the road… We will see.

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