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quick update… future moves

Hey there. How ya been? Okay so I’m just sort of keeping the news feed somewhat active here. Planned articles have been delayed while I finish out an album for one of my band projects, finish a mix for a recent collaboration, help develop foley and sound track for a sci fi film project, and get some of those new and old RFace songs back in my hands before we go out.
On the up side, however, the “Fake Label” pages are beginning to come together thanks to Micah and Ben’s continued efforts with building all of that technical infrastructure. Really glad to be a part of it and excited to finally have a web presence I can be proud of and won’t mind updating. Got to see the previews and they are looking nice and clean. Kind of like a fashion site where the focus is the content and not the design. Good for mobiles too.
Okay I’m gonna mail these mixes out. Y’all be good. I’ll likely get back to the actual article style stuff and stop this boring news updating format once this all solidifies and the site moves over… unless I get the itch to write alot while on the road… We will see.

times slides… more yelling into the void

It’s been a bit longer than intended.
Last year I began yet another redesign of the site as I was increasingly unhappy with this wordpress style container. The original goal with moving to a more blog-type format (from hard coded HTML) was to allow for easier updating while providing a completely impossible feature beforehand… user comments! BUT, I underestimated the current ability level of bots and farmers and how difficult it actually is to allow for quick and easy commenting systems without all the human verification and signup/login non-sense most websites force you to put up with (this one currently included). So basically what I managed to do was upgrade my simple and quick loading website to an infinitely easier to update — yet much harder to actually administrate — blog page… Mmm… Guess I’ll call it a draw?

But the good news… Continue reading

sifting the medium… fake history?

More talking to myself…
Thinking more. Feeling more. Reminding myself why I choose certain ways of doing music in certain situations… Trying to build my music view into thoughts and words instead of just feelings. Perhaps so I can actually explain it competently when talking to others… Mostly because I get tired of not knowing.

Preface (in which the premise is very slowwwwly explained):
I feel like I grew up with many odd assumptions about music. I think it’s a natural thing for a young person growing up in this era, especially if they started with it before they were really even old enough to consider /anything/, let alone the ins and outs of this complicated form they are working with.
Born into this tunnel view of something really old and large and powerful.
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sifting process…

So tonight I was enjoying music and thinking about projects I was working on and deciding on what I wanted to do with this little writing/poem response thing I’ve been messing with (personal project)… I wanted to do something that encapsulated many things I felt while reading but I found I was having trouble figuring out how to channel what I needed to get the initial idea. To build that starting form I need so I know what the break down or fight against. It was that familiar feeling of splashing around in a huge sea and not knowing which way to start swimming. I have so many tools to cope with that, but I don’t want to fall into the old standards as this is a direct response to an individual and has nothing to do with any of that other razmataz. There will be no decay or dissolving. No response rhythms and bent samples. This must stand alone.

So how do I start over? What was my process to create those tools to begin with? It was so long ago I don’t even recall what I did. Most other projects I’ve worked on were born from some idea that just came and set me off running… Continue reading

Mic-ing drum kit, testing new gear…

It’s 1/30/2013
Hey ya’ll! Figured I’d take the willing on a little technical journey today.
Got rid of a pre I wasn’t really using and converted it into a couple new mics and general pieces of gear. I need to familiarize myself with them and explore how they fit with my old stuff.
Decided I needed to go back to the start and build an equip list focusing on the best utility for each mic. This list is based on my personal preferences and discoveries as I’ve found even engineering is HIGHLY subjective and most people who talk about gear online or in-person, especially if they are actually trained, will have vastly different opinions on the usage and function of stuff than I personally do… So I find it helps to just explore and WRITE DOWN what you discover so that you can experiment in your own lab and build your own knowledge of YOUR OWN gear and space and sound.

So with that in mind Continue reading

Deep Search afterfuzz…

It’s 01/22/2013
The show at Deep Search records went really well. Missed so many acts I wanted to see but we had to throw a practice in the same day so sometimes it just goes that way. When we first got there I was told they were behind schedule but our set came up 30 minutes early so whoever did the scheduling was aces. The sound in there was surprisingly good. Room sounded nice. Thanks to Garf for running the board. Jack kept us stable after you left, worked out great. We wrapped up your gear bits and kept them safe in the care of Rich and the ladies.

It was fun to play a normal show after all the Cummer business… Continue reading

Behind the animal/nature sounds set…

It’s 01/18/2013
So the whole Cummer thing went really well I thought. Jim and Louise seemed happy. That was my primary goal as far as the commissioned work went, pleasing those organizing or being featured that evening. Everyone else was just mingling and being effected subconsciously anyway… Kinda how background/mood music operates.

So yeah it worked! We provided background sounds and didn’t draw too much attention. It suited the pictures Mr. Draper was showing, it didn’t intrude on conversation too heavily… or didn’t sound like it did anyway from the constant low roar. Seemed good. We had to grind our skills up to that level really quick to be able to do two hours of improvisation – or really almost two hours with segments looped and intermingled with some subliminal wudun tunes – and it improved our skill set quite a bit. That was a foreseen bonus. Caught us all back up after the hiatus. A better band now and the experience was worth it. Practice today went great. SO much easier haha. I’ll start documenting that from time to time. Recording or filming when I get the habit in me.

Anyway, I wanted to take a minute to Continue reading

First run Cummer opening thoughts with special thanks…

It’s 01/14/2013
So before I even get into how the Cummer thing went I want to first bring attention to one Olivia Carr. You may have seen her work recently in the Feast of Flowers pdf companion. Or perhaps in one of the recent shows at Cork (like Eskimo Kinship). She also has an Etsy store if you are in the market for a fine piece of jewelry.

Little bit of back-story:
The wonderful Mr. Jim Draper has been working Continue reading

An old folk-rhyme and a promise…

I saw a man upon the stair,
A little man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today;
Gee, I wish he’d go away.

“He” is summoned by words alone… AKA a semantic spook.

We are working out our own little gremlins for some things early next week.
Once that’s done you’ll get the attention you deserve.
Oh, you do haunt…