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Small update to the “Wudun” section and…

It’s 1/4/2013
… and a bit of future info.
The Wudun&wudun section will gradually be filling out with a complete history of the project and a breakdown of the albums/songs and various transitions between “retellings”. It’s hard to get it all completely accurate because so much time has passed and we all have pretty weak memories (as do many humans these days I suppose) so it’s more an emotional retelling than it is anything else. The first couple bits are in there mainly answering the more common questions we are asked… those being “what’s with the name” and “what is this sad crap about anyway?” or something to that effect.
Check it out if you are interested.

So Jan. 20th we agreed to play at the record store opening because I’d feel like a butthead to not support a local record/book store considering how much I love both of those things. Plus… new 5-points venue! So yeah, show up and buy a couple things and enjoy the area and stuff. We go on later… like around 9:45pm I think… but there are a ton of good bands there all day so come by whenever and check things out.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll make some updates about some projects next week. Maybe I’ll show some demo stuff if I feel okay about it. I want to start revealing more of our process now that a big arc is done.


Another run around the sun…

It’s 1/1/2013
Hello hello. Small update. I spoke too soon (in the last post) of the Bold Bean and Birdies shows. Those will still be happening but most likely one month delayed in both cases. I won’t bring these kinds of things up again until we actually have dates set to avoid this type of confusion moving forward. We had, quite some time ago, agreed to provide some background music for a couple Cummer events and I didn’t realize they were actually going to contact us and commit to the whole thing. So that was a lovely surprise but it caused our scheduling to fall apart. So apologies to all and we’ll get it all back on track once these mid-January events are finished.

Other than that we are learning to shoot video and stills using SLRs for some upcoming projects, working on more of the “structured improv” techniques for live with both “hulland…” and “wudun” while prepping for those Jan. events, and I’m still traveling around the city collecting interviews for another upcoming project. So that’s the rhythm of the life of late.

Watched the fireworks from the bridge. It always sounds better than it looks to me… I’ve yet to remember the field recorder though. Managed to snag a video on the old fancy-phone but it didn’t look too hot… we’ll see if it’s actually worth it’s space in storage soon enough. Hope all is well for you guys so early into this new year. Personally I’m going to start learning how to deal with all this constant body tension. Regardie has been very helpful.


Show wrap up (12/14-15) and the many futures…

It’s 12/18/2012
Howdy and hello,
So that Naked Lunch show was weird, huh? Hahaha, I really enjoyed it (Thanks again Sun-Ray gang!) and was so happy Brian was willing to work on it with us. We have a long way to go to turn that format into something everyone can understand and enjoy, but I think we are going to make a solid effort towards that. It might even become a splinter project with a different name. We’ll see how it develops.

Relatively short explanation of the presentation:
… Because we missed some cues that would have helped it make more sense… at least I believe it would have… Anyway, So the idea was three “hook-y” sections that diminished in length as the set went on with three “drone-y” sections that increased in length in between. This was something we found while exploring ideas of how to follow his writing. It seemed like breaking it up was the best course of action and it ended up creating this neat interplay between tension and release. Sort of like addiction to … well anything really. So we Continue reading

Updates. Shows. Progress.

It’s 12/10/2012
Hey ya’ll,
In the spirit of keeping everything updated here’s a rundown of what’s coming in the near future:

- Wed. Dec. 12th at Cork there is a release for Jim Draper’s Feast of Flowers PDF companion. It has a whole bunch of cool artists contributing work and Jim is an awesome guy with a huge project rolling out soon and this night will allow people to get a bit of a glimpse of the larger work. We have some sound pieces in there as well. 6pm-9pm.

- Fri. Dec. 14th there is a full Continue reading