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===========================from TideJournal99==============

illgo   oglli

what serves to a point   tniop a ot sevres tahw
follows rank   knar swollof
is house of hearth   htraeh fo esuoh si
that beats, that pumps is found there   ereht dnuof si spmup taht ,staeb taht
… some say … … others?   ?srehto … … yas emos …
none for i – eye four now   won ruof eye – i rof enon
here   ereh

01/24/08 e.d.   .d.e 80\42\10
the site is undergoing a visual redesign   ngiseder lausiv a gniogrednu si etis eht
i feel it necessary   yrassecen ti leef i
much writing has been done to find this new ‘look’   ’kool’ wen siht dnif ot enod neeb sah gnitirw hcum
these will be published on the site   etis eht no dehsilbup eb lliw eseht
to inaugurate the relauch   hcualer eht etaruguani ot
when the time comes   semoc emit eht nehw
bear with   htiw raeb

or grin   nirg ro
bare   erab

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01/21/08 e.d.   .d.e 80\12\10
don’t they scowl so well   llew os lwocs yeht t’nod
with chins stuck out   tuo kcuts snihc htiw
all barred teeth and hissing   gnissih dna hteet derrab lla
arcing brows and furrowed foreheads   sdaeherof deworruf dna sworb gnicra
slick as mercury   yrucrem sa kcils
neat as ice   eci sa taen
and our winded withered friend   dneirf derehtiw dedniw ruo dna
sick and shivering on a ledge   egdel a no gnirevihs dna kcis
across the wide gap   pag ediw eht ssorca
perched above the pit on a platform   mroftalp a no tip eht evoba dehcrep
with a small path at the back that deadends   sdnedaed taht kcab eht ta htap llams a htiw
immediately into the face of the higher cliff wall   llaw ffilc rehgih eht fo ecaf eht otni yletaidemmi
and he stares across into the mouths of the mass   ssam eht fo shtuom eht otni ssorca serats eh dna

on the other side of the precipice   ecipecerp eht fo edis rehto eht no
to this we are again   niaga era ew seht ot
resting   gnitser
waiting   gnitiaw
then a leap from the lions head   daeh snoil eht morf pael a neht
into their protracted grins   snirg detcartorp rieht otni
between the teeth   hteet eht neewteb
around the corner   renroc eht dnuora
then out   tuo neht
right   thgir
easy   ysae
more……..   ……..erom

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01/11/08 e.d.   .d.e 80\11\10
oh, uhm… i was peeing outside on this thing here   ereh gniht siht no edistuo gnieep saw i …mhu ,ho
yeah well… so what?   ?tahw os …llew haey
look man if the dog can pee outside i can pee outside   edistuo eep nac i edistuo eep nac god eht fi nam kool
i’m more human than the dog man   nam god eht naht namuh erom m’i
i can choose to pee where i wanna   annaw i erehw eep ot esoohc nac i
you’re not the authority of where i pee   eep i erehw fo ytirohtua eht ton re’uoy
fine whatever   revetahw enif

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01/10/08 e.d.   .d.e 80\01\10
if the silence gets to you   uoy ot steg ecnelis eht fi
know that it is a good gap   pag doog a si ti taht wonk
a loving vacuum formed by shifting thrill   llirht gnitfihs yb demrof muucav gnivol a
the heart that pulled it’s focus beating   gnitaeb sucof s’ti dellup taht traeh eht
aloud and live the sound   dnuos eht evil dna duola
out loud alive with chills   sllihc htiw evila duol tuo
and birth not funeral the march   hcram eht larenuf ton htrib dna
i am seventeen   neetneves ma i

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12/23/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\32\21
profounders founding   gnidnuof srednuoforp
lifting buildings   sgnidliub gnitfil
points protruding   gnidurtorp stniop
splitting brooding   gnidoorb gnittilps
clouds encompass city spinning   gninnips ytic ssapmocne sduolc
in hazy sighted sound   dnuos dethgis yzah ni

and those who drift in on a rift   tfir a no ni tfird ohw esoht dna
are counted ‘mong the raff and riff   ffir dna ffar eht gnom’ detnuoc era
then piled on the rocks and split   tilps dna skcor eht no delip neht
to be mixed in limestone cement   tnemec enotsemil ni dexim eb ot

so in they come   emoc yeht ni os
in they go   og yeht ni
holding up the singing spires   serips gnignis eht pu gnidloh
spun of crystal gypsum clay   yalc muspyg latsyrc fo nups
and cast in moonlit forgers fires   serif sregrof tilnoom ni tsac dna

up the side of the forward watch   hctaw drawrof eht fo edis eht pu
climbs a silent speck in bursts and bumps   spmub dna stsrub ni kceps tnelis a sbmilc
he fumbles at the scaling line   enil gnilacs eht ta selbmuf eh
a man too young and much too tough   hguot oot hcum dna gnuoy oot nam a
if he was split on sounding rocks   skcor gnidnuos no tilps saw eh fi
or mixed in menders melting pots   stop gnitlem srednem ni dexim ro
his innards wouldn’t cool enough   hguone looc t’ndluow sdranni sih
for use in holding buildings up   pu sgnidliub gnidloh ni esu rof

post scale impale the lazing guard   draug gnizal eht elapmi elacs tsop
partner prob’ly raiding larder   redral gnidiar yl’borp rentrap
move the bales below the bells   slleb eht woleb selab eht evom
and cut the ropes for silent clappers   sreppalc tnelis rof sepor eht tuc dna

now down in spiral’s   s’larips ni nwod won
quick descent   tnecsed kciuq
dousing torches   sehcrot gnisuod
breaking handles   seldnah gnikaerb

in the ears the only sound is that of heart and hiss   ssih dna traeh fo taht si dnuos ylno eht srae eht ni
stomach spins a knotted twisting burner sicking bile   elib gnikcis renrub gnitsiwt dettonk a snips hcamots
legs the searing pain brought on from sprinting sudden movement   tnemevom neddus gnitnirps morf no thguorb niap gniraes eht sgel
and in the head the constant hummer voice of quiet chanting   gnitnahc teiuq fo eciov remmuh tnatsnoc eht daeh eht ni dna

amok amok amok amok   koma koma koma koma

deeper down with further still   llits rehtruf htiw nwod repeed
a lynchpin snaps and sends the wheel   leehw eht sdnes dna spans niphcnyl a
spinning toward the keeper sleeping   gnipeels repeek eht drawot gninnips
post him eating heavy meal   laem yvaeh gnitae mih tsop
head indented and the metal   latem eht dna detnedni daeh
binding wooden circle shattered   derettahs elcric nedoow gnidnib
sending splinters with a clatter   rettalc a htiw sretnilps gnidnes
to stairs now marred with sickle splatter   rettalps elkcis htiw derram won sriats ot
from blood and brains of marmel   lemram fo sniarb dna doolb morf
now not dreaming at the base of tower   rewot fo esab eht ta gnimaerd ton won

the last turn rounded doubling over   revo gnilbuod dednuor nrut tsal eht
loss of footing sending sober   rebos gnidnes gnitoof fo ssol
images of failure flit   tilf eruliaf fo segami
while wrecker makes a mess of it   ti fo ssem a sekam rekcerw elihw
and tumbling forward into stone   enots otni drawrof gnilbmut dna
eyes rolled back and mouth-a-puffing   gniffup-a-htuom dna kcab dellor seye
reeling back and limbs contorting   gnitrotnoc sbil dna kcab gnileer
hissing fits and foam are spit   tips era maof dna stif gnissih

the scene they left a messy puzzle   elzzup yssem a tfel yeht enecs eht
the constable grew sick from it   ti morf kcis werg elbatsnoc eht
and as they picked and cleaned the rubble   elbbur eht denaelc dna dekcip yeht sa dna
no pieces ever found that fit   tif taht dnuof reve seceip on
so on the land they staked a sign   ngis a dekats yeht dnal eht no os
that marked event by date and time   emit dna etad yb tneve dekram taht
with one request left bold   dlob tfel tseuqer eno htiw

“Any person or persons   snosrep ro nosrep ynA”
who happens or happen   neppah ro sneppah ohw
upon an object on or near this site   etis siht raen ro no tcejbo na nopu
that resembles a lynchpin or metallic rod of any kind   dnik yna fo dor cillatem ro niphcnyl a selbmeser taht
is ordered by the authority of the presiding Constable of   fo elbatsnoC gnidiserp eht fo ytirohtua eht yb deredro si
Bending Sound   dnuoS gnidneB
to relinquish said lynchpin-like object   tcejbo ekil-niphcnyl dias hsiuqniler ot
to the local   lacol eht ot
Office of the Peace   ecaeP eht fo eciffO
for immediate destruction.   .noitcurtsed etaidemmi rof
Anyone not adhering to this request   tseuqer siht ot gnirehda ton enoynA
and found to be carrying   gniyrrac eb ot dnuof dna
on their person or persons   snosrep ro nosrep rieht no
a lynchpin,   ,niphcnyl a
or lynchpin-like object of any kind,   ,dnik yna fo tcejbo ekil-niphcnyl ro
that is of the same material components and density   ytisned dna stnenopmoc lairetam emas eht fo si taht
as that of said sought lynchpin   niphcnyl thguos dias fo taht sa
will be immediately imprisoned,   ,denosirpmi yletaidemmi eb lliw
tried,   ,deirt
and mixed into mortar.   .ratrom otni dexim dna
This is, once again,   ,niaga ecno ,si sihT
issued under the authority of the current   tnerruc eht fo ytirohtua eht rednu deussi
presiding   gnidiserp
Constable   elbatsnoC
of Bending Sound,   ,dnuoS gnidneB fo
Province of West Velum,   ,muleV tseW fo ecnivorP
Ballad.   .dallaB
-   -
‘With Peace of Will’ “   ” ‘lliW fo ecaeP htiW’

why they demand this   siht dnamed yeht yhw
no one has ever explained sufficiently to me   em ot yltneiciffus denialpxe reve sah eno on
though i would expect   tcepxe dluow i hguoht
it has something to do with superstition   noititsrepus htiw od ot gnihtemos sah ti
… and their proximity to the sea   aes eht ot ytimixorp rieht dna …

as we once said:   :dias ecno ew sa
all that salt has to go somewhere   erehwemos og ot sah tlas taht lla

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12/21/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\12\21
follow me down to earth for a moment   tnemom a rof htrae ot nwod em wollof

new things   sgniht wen

i’ve rearranged the place a bit   tib a ecalp eht degnarraer ve’i
i’ve decided i’m having a lot of fun with all   lla htiw nuf fo tol a gnivah m’i dediced ve’i
the Wudun stuff and that i’d like to pour   ruop ot ekil d’i taht dna ffuts nuduW eht
more time into that and the other “live”   ”evil” rehto eht dna taht otni emit erom
projects that i’ve jumped into lately…   …yletal otni depmuj ev’i taht stcejorp

a fun little project coming up with rickolus, yan and darkmark   kramkrad dna nay ,sulokcir htiw pu gnimoc tcejorp elttil nuf a
called “Share”… going great so far.   .raf os taerg gniog …”erahS” dellac

we’re working on multiple live set ideas for the new   wen eht rof saedi tes evil elpitlum no gnikrow re’ew
Wudun iteration… i’m hopeful of a marching thing.   .gniht gnihcram a fo lufepoh m’i …noitareti nuduW

also, i plan on opening the library soon…   …noos yrarbil eht gninepo no nalp i ,osla
so there’s that to worry about….   ….tuoba yrrow ot taht s’ereht os

these factors all combined with the issues surrounding the   eht gnidnuorrus seussi eht htiw denibmoc lla srotcaf eseht
“cloth” project (and the problems i’ve had being   gnieb dah ve’i smelborp eht dna) tcejorp “htolc”
satisfied with something that deals with such holy flicks for me)   (em rof skcilf yloh hcus htiw slaed taht gnihtemos htiw deifsitas
have led me to call the project off for now.   .won rof ffo tcejorp eht llac ot em del evah
Perhaps i’ll come back to it at a later time and feel good   doog leef dna emit retal a ta ti ot kcab emoc ll’i spahreP
about it and be able to add more and finish it, but honestly   yltsenoh tub ,ti hsinif dna erom dda ot elba eb dna ti tuoba
i came out of this whole three month binge with roughly   ylhguor htiw egnib htnom eerht elohw siht fo tuo emac i
30irty crap tracks and like 4our good ones…. 2wo of which   hcihw fo ow2 ….seno doog ruo4 ekil dna skcart parc ytri03
were done about 6ix months ago… meaning i’ve lost whatever   revetahw tsol ve’i gninaem …oga shtnom xi6 tuoba enod erew
fire was present back then… however, “printslive”   ”evilstnirp” ,revewoh …neht kcab tneserp saw erif
(‘bur braer falls’ or some variation of that is what the name will change to)   (ot egnahc lliw eman eht tahw si taht fo noitairav emos ro ‘sllaf rearb rub’)
will be around and i’ve actually begun spinning together the foundations   snoitadnuof eht rehtegot gninnips nugeb yllautca ve’i dna dnuora eb lliw
for a future project under that guise… something i’m currently excited   detcixe yltnerruc m’i gnihtemos …esiug taht rednu tcejorp erutuf a rof
about as opposed to that certain something   gnihtemos niatrec taht ot desoppo sa tuoba
i’ve been trying to synthesize with   htiw ezisehtnys ot gniyrt neeb ve’i
the whole cloth idea…   …aedi htolc elohw eht
so i’ve acquiesced and will allow the ‘flow’ to flow.   .wolf ot ‘wolf’ eht wolla lliw dna decseiuqca ev’i os
as much as i’m not a believer in having to move that way,   ,yaw taht evom ot gnivah ni reveileb a ton m’i sa hcum sa
i think i do indeed at this moment… have to…   …ot evah …tnemom siht ta deedni od i kniht i

so these good and crap tracks gave me the idea to dissolve shake for now,   ,won rof ekahs evlossid ot aedi eht em evag skcart parc dna doog eseht os
saving the name for some future i have inklings of, and build a   a dliub dna ,fo sgnilkni evah i erutuf emos rof eman eht gnivas
quarantine zone for defunct projects and songs…   …sgnos dna stcejorp tcnufed rof enoz enitnarauq
i think i’ll be needing one   eno gnideen eb ll’i kniht i
at some point… so why not now?   ?won ton yhw os …tniop emos ta

also the prints section will be replaced with the library….   ….yrarbil eht htiw decalper eb lliw noitces stnirp eht osla
hurray.   yarruh

for what.   .tahw rof

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12/13/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\31\21
post   tsop
…mumbles…?   ?…selbmum…
Well i couldn’t say how he came that decision.   .noisiced taht emac eh woh yas t’ndluoc i lleW
…mum…?   ?…mum…
I suppose I could speculate…   …etaluceps dluoc I esoppus I
…m…?   ?…m…
No, no.   .on ,oN
I’d say it had more to do with some feeling of supreme failure   eruliaf emerpus fo gnileef emos htiw od ot erom dah ti yas d’I
though I suppose it could have been quite the opposite,   ,etisoppo eht etiuq neeb evah dluoc ti esoppus I hguoht
some odd love of the whole thing.   .gniht elohw eht fo evol ddo emos
…m…   …m…
Well, that makes sense in a way but his whole policy was very   yrev saw ycilop elohw sih tub yaw a ni esnes sekam taht ,lleW
“hands off”.   .”ffo sdnah”
…m…?   ?…m…
I’d guess the way we all do,   ,od lla ew yaw eht sseug d’I
holding our breath, kicking and screaming until we pass out,   ,tuo ssap ew litnu gnimaercs dna gnikcik ,htaerb ruo gnidloh
waking up when it’s all over   revo lla s’ti nehw pu gnikaw
…m…   …m…
*chuckle*   *lekcuhc*

…m…?   ?…m…
No, I just find it funny you think I know.   .wonk I kniht uoy ynnuf ti dnif tsuj I ,oN
…m…?   ?…m…
Well that’s the rub isn’t it?   ?ti t’nsi bur eht s’taht lleW
No one really knows.   .swonk yllaer eno oN
…m…   …m…
I think ol’ boy went higher up the ladder than any of us   su fo yna naht reddal eht pu rehgih tnew yob ‘lo kniht I
and he still never found anyone who knew.   .wenk ohw enoyna dnuof reven llits eh dna
…m…?   ?…m…
Not really, you just have to grow comfortable   elbatrofmoc worg ot evah tsuj uoy ,yllaer toN
with that idea.   .aedi taht htiw
…m…   …m…
*laughter*   *rethgual*
If you can call some 3hree thousand years a “head start”.   .”trats daeh” a sraey dnasuoht eerh3 emos llac nac uoy fI
…m…?   ?…m…
Well I’ll tell you in confidence I’ll be overjoyed   deyojrevo eb ll’I ecnedifnoc ni uoy llet ll’I lleW
when the time finally comes.   .semoc yllanif emit eht nehw
…m…   …m…
No problem at all.   .lla ta melborp oN
Luck to you.   .uoy ot kcuL
…m…   …m…
Well that’s about all it is isn’t it?   ?ti t’nsi si ti lla tuoba s’taht lleW
Unless you can think of a better name…   …eman retteb a fo kniht nac uoy sselnU
…m…   …m…
Oh, one of those eh?   ?he esoht fo eno ,hO
Well more to you then because you’ll need it worse than most.   .tsom naht esrow ti deen ll’uoy esuaceb neht uoy ot erom lleW
…m…   …m…
*laughter*   *rethgual*
…m…?   ?…m…
Eh?   ?hE
…m…?   ?…m…
Not at all, we lost touch long ago.   .oga gnol hcuot tsol ew ,lla ta toN
I’d say if you found me you have a better chance of finding him   mih gnidnif fo ecnahc retteb a evah uoy em dnuof uoy fi yas d’I
than I do anyway.   .yawyna od I naht
…m…   …m…
You will.   .lliw uoY
You will.   .lliw uoY
And no doubt you’ll be quite disappointed.   .detnioppasid etiuq eb ll’uoy tbuod on dnA

…m…   …m…
…   …
…m…?   ?…m…
…   …
…m…   …m…

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12/12/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\21\21
4our   ruo4
waves of pain and joy   yof dna niap fo sevaw
loss   ssol
romance   ecnamor
fears   sraef
lusts   stsul
trees   seert
cars   srac
arthritic grandmothers   srehtomdnarg citirhtra
christian sailors   srolias naitsirhc
dead pets   step daed
moments in the fall   llaf eht ni stnemom
trips out of town   nwot fo tuo spirt
seeds of philosophies and diatribes   sebirtaid dna seihposolihp fo sdees
you’ve never felt so awake   ekawa os tlef reven ve’uoy
there’s something nagging at you   uoy ta gniggan gnihtemos s’ereht
some dread that’s newly lifting   gnitfil ylwen s’taht daerd emos
you look over at your father’s old armchair   riahcmra dlo s’rehtaf ruoy ta revo kool uoy
you feel funny because somehow you expected him to be there   ereht eb ot mih detcepxe uoy wohemos esuaceb ynnuf leef uoy
but you know he’s been gone for years   sraey rof enog neeb s’eh wonk uoy tub
you must have had a dream about him   mih tuoba maerd a dah evah tsum uoy
or maybe a nightmare and in it you were rescuing him   mih gniucser erew uoy ti ni dna eramthgin a ebyam ro
the last bits of the dream dissolve and in walks mother   rehtom sklaw ni dna evlossid maerd eht fo stib tsal eht
she’s holding a spatula asking if you’d like more eggs   sgge erom ekil d’uoy fi gniksa alutaps a gnidloh s’ehs
you look down at your plate and decide you’d quite like seconds   sdnoces ekil etiuq d’uoy ediced dna etalp ruoy ta nwod kool uoy
it’s saturday morning   gninrom yadrutas s’ti
centurion reruns trickle from the television in the living room   moor gnivil eht ni noisivelet eht morf elkcirt snurer noirutnec
you rush off for more breakfast spilling uneaten pieces of bacon   nocab fo seceip netaenu gnillips tsafkaerb erom rof ffo hsur uoy
and quartered toast across the bed   deb eht ssorca tsaot deretruaq dna
but you’re too excited to notice   eciton ot deticxe oot re’uoy tub

it’s saturday   yadrutas s’ti

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12/11/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\11\21
3hree   eerh3
you wake up in an unfamiliar bed   deb railimafnu na ni pu ekaw uoy
the smell of food is everywhere   erehwyreve si doof fo llems eht
foreign and curious   suoiruc dna ngierof
spices with scents more of seasons than meals   slaem naht snosaes fo erom stnecs htiw secips
a man sits at the foot of the bed in an armchair   riahcmra na ni deb eht fo toof eht ta stis nam a
lightly dozing   gnizod ylthgil
head bowed   dewob daeh
he wears a complex and layered uniform   mrofinu dereyal dna xelpmoc a sraew eh
an oddly cut hat with a wide brim   mirb ediw a htiw tah tuc ylddo na
it brings to mind a crescent moon   noom tnecserc a dnim ot sgnirb ti
or a barbers bowl   lwob srebrab a ro
the cotton is still in your head   daeh ruoy ni llits si nottoc eht
the folds and texture of the uniform feel incomprehensible   elbisneherpmocni leef mrofinu eht fo erutxet dna sdlof eht

he looks like he belongs on the ocean floor   roolf naeco eht no sgnoleb eh ekil skool eh
entirely out of place where he sits   stis eh erehw ecalp fo tuo yleritne
hands on his crossed knees   seenk dessorc sih no sdnah
lips hang and flutter in breaths   shtaerb ni rettulf dna gnah spil
he looks ancient and radiates an odor of burnt things   sgniht tnrub fo rodo na setaidar dna tneicna skool eh
long buried and soaked to the core   eroc eht ot dekaos dna deirub gnol
no matter how hard you shake your head   daeh ruoy ekahs uoy drah woh rettam on
the stuffing won’t come out   tuo emoc t’now gniffuts eht
it feels almost permanent   tnenamrep tsomla sleef ti
arms grab you around the chest and pull you to sitting   gnittis ot uoy llup dna tsehc eht dnuora uoy barg smra
you struggle for a moment but the hands are so gentle   eltneg os era sdnah eht tub tnemom a rof elggurts uoy
a soothing voice coos over you and straightens your hair   riah ruoy snethgiarts dna uoy revo sooc eciov gnihtoos a
it’s saying things all garbled but they feel very nice   ecin yrev leef yeht tub delbrag lla sgniht gniyas s’ti
they send ripples from your ears down you spine   enips uoy nwod srae ruoy morf selppir dnes yeht
down and outward the waves of warm grow   worg mraw fo sevaw eht drawtuo dna nwod
she’s old   dlo s’ehs
but not in the same way as the sleeping man   nam gnipeels eht sa yaw emas eht ni ton tub

her age is in worries and wisdom   modsiw dna seirrow ni si ega reh
the lines on her face show care and concern   nrecnoc dna erac wohs ecaf reh no senil eht
and as you watch new creases slowly etch themselves in   ni sevlesmeht hcte ylwols sesaerc wen hctaw uoy sa dna
around the eyes and on the forehead   daeherof eht no dna seye eht dnuora
around the lips that smile   elims taht spil eht dnuora
you follow the wrinkles forming   gnimrof sleknirw eht wollof uoy
she pushes a bowl of meal into your hands   sdnah ruoy otni laem fo lwob a sehsup ehs
then stands to exit   tixe ot sdnats neht
no chair where she once sat   tas ecno ehs erehw riahc on
she moves in a long and graceful drift   tfird lufecarg dna gnol a ni sevom ehs
continually falling forward in slow motion   noitom wols ni drawrof gnillaf yllaunitnoc
pausing to waltz a step before tilting on again   niaga no gnitlit erofeb pets a ztlaw ot gnisuap
all the while buoyed by some unknown force   ecrof nwonknu emos yb deyoub elihw eht lla
she bends the air a bore   erob a ria eht sdneb ehs
flaying it wide and revealing uselessness   ssensselesu gnilaever dna ediw ti gniyalf
too thick to be of any real function   noitcnuf laer yna fo eb ot kciht oot
and the tails of her apron exit long after she’s through the door   rood eht hguorht s’ehs retfa gnol tixe norpa reh fo sliat eht dna
nothinking you gulp a spoon of porridge   egdirrop fo noops a plug uoy gniknihton
the mouthful nearly winds you   uoy sdniw ylraen lufhtuom eht
it’s taste incomprehensible   elbisneherpmocni etsat s’ti

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12/10/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\01\21
2wo   ow2
much time passes   sessap emit hcum
as you stare into the expanse it’s hue begins to change   egnahc ot snigeb euh s’ti esnapxe eht otni erats uoy sa
the color shifts so gradually you forget what it began as   sa nageb ti tahw tegrof uoy yllaudarg os stfihs roloc eht
a dot appears in the center of your vision   noisiv ruoy fo retnec eht ni sraeppa tod a
it seems to float in front of you   uoy fo tnorf ni taolf ot smees ti
this new arrival allows you to orient yourself   flesruoy tneiro ot uoy swolla lavirra wen siht
it appears you’ve been laying on your back for some time   emit emos rof kcab ruoy no gniyal neeb ve’uoy sraeppa ti
the object is actually directly above you   uoy evoba yltcerid yllautca si tcejbo eht
you sit up and notice the horizon has returned   denruter sah noziroh eht eciton dna pu tis uoy
the sky resembles a dying flame   emalf gniyd a selbmeser yks eht
waves of light radiate up   pu etaidar thgil fo sevaw
from the now charcoal colored sands   sdnas deroloc laocrahc won eht morf
they lick at the zenith   htinez eht ta kcil yeht
a midnight blue circle   elcric eulb thgindim a
at the center of which is the object   tcejbo eht si hcihw fo retnec eht ta
growing large   egral gniworg
moving closer   resolc gnivom
it is liquid and black   kcalb dna diuqil si ti
a tendril of smoke   ekoms fo lirdnet a
amorphous and slithering   gnirehtils dna suohproma
a dangling rope tethered to the heavens   snevaeh eht ot derehtet epor gnilgnad a
it’s frayed ends waving as it descends   sdnecsed ti sa gnivaw sdne deyarf s’ti
now the frayed ends are fingers   sregnif era sdne deyarf eht won
now the knot is a hand   dnah a si tonk eht won
now it opens above you   uoy evoba snepo ti won
growing larger still   llits regral gniworg
you bow your head   daeh ruoy wob uoy
it touches your crown   nworc ruoy sehcuot ti

slides along the back of your neck   kcen ruoy fo kcab eht gnola sedils
grips the rough of your skin   niks ruoy fo hguor eht spirg
and lifts you like a kitten   nettik a ekil uoy stfil dna

up and out of the sandbox   xobdnas eht fo tuo dna pu
it pulls you up so fast you leave your stomach behind   dniheb hcamots ruoy evael uoy tsaf os pu uoy sllup ti
your heart flutters and you almost faint   tniaf tsomla uoy dna srettulf traeh ruoy
the feeling you sat up too fast   tsaf oot pu tas uoy gnileef eht
the pulling doesn’t end before you black out   tuo kcalb uoy erofeb dne t’nseod gnillup eht

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12/09/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\90\21
1ne   en1
you stand alone in a sea of sand   dnas fo aes a ni enola dnats uoy
the terrain is flat from horizon to horizon   noziroh ot noziroh morf talf si niarret eht
a dull hum is in the air   ria eht ni si muh llud a
it is constant and doesn’t change pitch or volume   emulov ro hctip egnahc t’nseod dna tnatsnoc si ti
no matter how you lean or move   evom ro nael uoy woh rettam on
all around you it is bright   thgirb si ti uoy dnuora lla
but you cannot see the sun   nus eht ees tonnac uoy tub
everything is bathed in a tangerine glow   wolg eniregnat a ni dehtab si gnihtyreve
the color of a sliver from a sunset sky   yks tesnus a morf revils a fo roloc eht
stretched in endless   sseldne ni dehcterts
the air is so comfortable it’s alarming   gnimrala s’ti elbatrofmoc os si ria eht
it is decidedly not hot or cold   dloc ro toh ton yldediced si ti
a virtual lack of temperature   erutarepmet fo kcal lautriv a
there is no wind   dniw on si ereht
this absence of atmosphere finds you feeling phantom   motnahp gnileef uoy sdnif erehpsomta fo ecnesba siht
devoid of any ability to manipulate or impact your surroundings   sgnidnuorrus ruoy tcapmi ro etalupinam ot ytiliba yna fo dioved
when you move you move too slow   wols oot evom uoy evom uoy nehw
there is a presence behind you   uoy dniheb ecneserp a si ereht
no matter how fast you spin it remains fixed squarely in place   ecalp ni ylerauqs dexif sniamer ti nips uoy tsaf woh rettam on
it’s feeling is that of a blindspot on the mind   dnim eht no topsdnilb a fo taht si gnileef s’ti
or a simple lack of matter directly behind you   uoy dniheb yltcerid rettam fo kcal elpmis a ro
a shadow with body   ydob htiw wodahs a
that body being void   diov gnieb ydob taht
it makes it impossible to progress   ssergorp ot elbissopmi ti sekam ti
resolving to move only forward you still find yourself turning   gninrut flesruoy dnif llits uoy drawrof ylno evom ot gnivloser
spinning on heal to face your pursuer   reusrup ruoy ecaf ot laeh no gninnips
only to find them once again at your rear   raer ruoy ta niaga ecno meht dnif ot ylno
you quickly lose your sense of direction   noitcerid fo esnes ruoy esol ylkciuq uoy
you look down and notice you leave no foot prints   stnirp toof on evael uoy eciton dna nwod kool uoy
making it impossible to tell which way you were headed   dedaeh erew uoy yaw hcihw llet ot elbissopmi ti gnikam
now that itchy bunch of bubbles finds it way into your gut   tug ruoy otni yaw ti sdnif selbbub fo hcnub yhcti taht won
that hateful feeling flutters   srettulf gnileef lufetah taht
carries bile to your throat   taorht ruoy ot elib seirrac
time passes and you wander still   llits rednaw uoy dna sessap emit
time passes and the color of light deepens   snepeed thgil fo roloc eht dna sessap emit
eventually the sky and sand are one in tone   enot ni eno era dnas dna yks eht yllautneve
extreme vertigo sets in   ni stes ogitrev emertxe
movement is no longer discernible   elbinrecsid regnol on si tnemevom
the blindspot grows   sworg topsdnilb eht
and somewhere in this silent citrus sea   aes surtic tnelis seht ni erehwemos dna
you cross your legs and sit   tis dna sgel ruoy ssorc uoy
hunch your shoulders over   revo sredluohs ruoy hcnuh
slouch and hold your head in your hands   sdnah ruoy ni daeh ruoy dloh dna hcuols
and wait   tiaw dna

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12/08/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\80\21
[last in the blood run of writings]   [sgnitirw fo nur doolb eht ni tsal]

the burnt collapsing view   weiv gnispalloc tnrub eht
a pressure cooking pain   niap gnikooc erusserp a

from a coarse unpleasant mood   doom tnasaelpnu esraoc a morf
premonition in stains   sniats ni noitinomerp
the current trend in voice   eciov ni dnert tnerruc eht
is speak in tongues of flame   emalf fo seugnot ni kaeps si

i blur   rulb i
eyes know it’s part of the body   ydob eht fo trap s’ti wonk seye
i know it’s ruined   deniur s’ti wonk i
i see it oozing and clotting   gnittolc dna gnizoo ti ees i
off … to room   moor ot … ffo
door stops the scissor incising   gnisicni rossics eht spots rood
thick strings in bloom   moolb ni sgnirts kciht
blood coats the walls of the hallway   yawllah eht fo sllaw eht staoc doolb

it pours out from 9ine wounds   sdnuow eni9 morf tuo sruop ti
it’s color inks the grain   niarg eht skni roloc s’ti
with tensioned top so great   taerg os pot denoisnet htiw
drops endless in refrain   niarfer ni sseldne spord
suspending flecks of paint   tniap fo skcelf gnidnepsus
in haunts of paper thorns   snroht repap fo stnuah ni
as it pools up at your toes   seot ruoy ta pu sloop ti sa

it glues you to the floor   roolf eht ot uoy seulg ti

time blurred   derrulb emit
eyes burn with parts of the body   ydob eht fo strap htiw nrub seye
afterglow earned   denrae wolgretfa
and pinned on a chest newly rotting   gnittor ylwen tsehc a no dennip dna

….the hand that held the fabric for the stitching in place   ecalp ni gnihctits eht rof cirbaf eht dleh taht dnah eht….
….that only bent to build and improve   evorpmi dna dliub ot tneb ylno taht….
….has taken up the habit of the natural Cain   niaC larutan eht fo tibah eht pu nekat sah….
….now bends only in murderous moods   sdoom suoredrum ni ylno sdneb won….

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12/07/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\70\21
and it’s so dense you can only see a gray mass   ssam yarg a ees ylno nac uoy esned os s’ti dna
with glowing orbs strung up, suspended in it   ti ni dednepsus ,pu gnurts sbro gniwolg htiw

and several intense flickering stars from the yard   dray eht morf srats gnirekcilf esnetni lareves dna
spitting sparks and a light that peters out in the haze   ezah eht ni tuo sretep taht thgil a dna skraps gnittips
spheres spin behind the wall sending souls of welders lit   til sredlew fo sluos gnidnes llaw eht dniheb nips serehps

blasting shadows dancing on the mammoth hull of the great ship   pihs taerg eht fo lluh htommam eht no gnicnad swodahs gnitsalb

the clang clang they clang   gnalc yeht gnalc gnalc eht

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12/06/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\60\21
they say the fog from up river isn’t fog at all   lla ta gof t’nsi revir pu morf gof eht yas yeht
they say the ghosts of those married to the sea return to it   ti ot nruter aes eht ot deirram esoht fo stsohg eht yas yeht
that when they pass, they travel through the canals and inlets   stelni dna slanac eht hguorht levart yeht ,ssap yeht nehw taht
making the air cold and collecting the dew before it forms   smrof ti erofeb wed eht gnitcelloc dna dloc ria eht gnikam
dragging it along the river with them   meht htiw revir eht gnola ti gniggard
and out to sea   aes ot tuo dna

while the sun rests and the moon sleeps lazy watch   hctaw yzal speels noom eht dna stser nus eht elihw
they drift along in a cotton silence   ecnelis nottoc a ni gnola tfird yeht
caress the reeds along the shore   erohs eht gnola sdeer eht sserac
lightly bend the metal of the bridges   segdirb eht fo latem eht dneb ylthgil
whisper their caught and timeless gossip   pissog sselemit dna thguac rieht repsihw
to all the sleepwalkers and somniloquists along the way   yaw eht gnola stsiuqolinmos dna sreklawpeels eht lla ot

they mix with the air the fishes don’t need   deen t’nod sehsif eht ria eht htiw xim yeht
and spin in the breaths the fishes never breathe   ehtaerb reven sehsif eht shtaerb eht ni nips dna
sending wisps and tendrils that curl and search   hcraes dna lruc taht slirdnet dna spsiw gnidnes
through the branches of the trees   seert eht fo sehcnarb eht hguorht
sniffing dirt   trid gniffins
kneading earth   htrae gnidaenk

and you’re holding your breath   htaerb ruoy gnidloh er’uoy dna
sitting on the dock   kcod eht no gnittis
waving to the laggers   sreggal eht ot gnivaw
as they make the last bend   dneb tsal eht ekam yeht sa

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12/04/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\40\21
if you’ll lift the fog formed in halo   olah ni demrof gof eht tfil ll’uoy fi
and pull it through nose out of skull   lluks fo tuo eson hguorht ti llup dna
replace with stuffing cotton warm   mraw nottoc gniffuts htiw ecalper
and staunch the bleeding folded form   mrof dedlof gnideelb eht hcnuats dna
thin flames   semalf niht
flicker   rekcilf
face down as they gutter   rettug yeht sa nwod ecaf
spilling   gnillips
smoke soup   puos ekoms
clothing angel hollows   swolloh legna gnihtolc
winter   retniw
smells of   fo sllems
melodies worth stealing   gnilaets htrow seidolem
moments   stnemom
alone   enola
all good feelings fleeting   gniteelf sgnileef doog lla

declare you taste lithe, swing in slow   wols ni gniws ,ehtil etsat uoy eralced
stuttering movement, glides down low   wol nwod sedilg ,tnemevom gnirettuts
touch tender-ism lighten load   daol nethgil msi-rednet hcuot
flown sliver given melts through snow   wons hguorht stlem nevig revils nwolf
ghost light   thgil tsohg
all glow   wolg lla

flitting out of vision   noisiv fo tuo gnittilf
bathing   gnihtab
moon tide   edit noom
steeped in indecision   noisicedni ni depeets

talking   gniklat
old life   efil dlo
fearing padded prisons   snosirp deddap gniraef
ancient   tneicna
birthrites   setirhtrib
and elipse left crimson   nosmirc tfel espile dna

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12/03/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\30\21
and blood and blood in torrents   stnerrot ni doolb dna doolb dna
it runs the lines of life and luck   kcul dna efil fo senil eht snur ti
drips from finger tips   spit regnif morf spird
buckets wouldn’t hold enough   hguone dloh t’ndluow stekcub
like boiled milk it’s thick on lips   spil no kciht s’ti klim deliob ekil
warm in temp and sharp in scent   tnecs ni prahs dna pmet ni mraw
a payment spent and wasted since   ecnis detsaw dna tneps tnemyap a
though worth it for the love of lending   gnidnel fo evol eht rof ti htrow hguoht
and worth it for the love of blood   doolb fo evol eht rof ti htrow dna

the taste refraining, never ending, ever staining   gniniats reve ,gnidne reven ,gniniarfer etsat eht

suspending   gnidnepsus
all the flecks of paint   tniap fo skcelf eht lla

a tension on the top so great   taerg os pot eht no noisnet a
demanding actions oft irate   etari tfo snoitca gnidnamed
end with dirge on dinner plate   etalp rennid no egrid htiw dne

does it make you think?   ?kniht uoy ekam ti seod
long and hard?   ?drah dna gnol
it’s status as a binding charm   mrahc gnidnib a sa sutats s’ti
it’s purpose as a throwing arm   mra gniworht a sa esoprup s’ti
it’s will to motivate to harm   mrah ot etavitom ot lliw s’ti
sounding now a third alarm   mrala driht a won gnidnuos
sometimes sets me to boil   liob ot em stes semitemos

ever the only true magic   cigam eurt ylno eht reve
now black as tar   rat sa kcalb won

a martyr in an empty way   yaw ytpme na ni rytram a

lied leaking on the path today   yadot htap eht no gnikael deil
and weeping found the will to say   yas ot lliw eht dnuof gnipeew dna
leave me now   won em evael
mine shall not stain   niats ton llahs enim
an impression and a date   etad a dna noisserpmi na

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12/02/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\20\21
bake and burn the glazing urn   nru gnizalg eht nrub dna ekab
lazing through a pressur-ed turning   gninrut de-russerp a hguorht gnizal
blackened frosting makes offending   gnidneffo sekam gnitsorf denekcalb
charcole tongues cease the sending   gnidnes eht esaec seugnot elocrahc

taste and waste in hasty blend   dnelb ytsah ni etsaw dna etsat
shape uneaten clay and bend   dneb dna yalc netaenu epahs
light around the lipened end   dne denepil eht dnuora thgil
so silk and soft it must be sin   nis eb tsum ti tfos dna klis os

tied tongues pick up the slack   kcals eht pu kcip seugnot deit
and the knots lend ease to grip   pirg ot esae dnel stonk eht dna
and gauze will staunch the flow   wolf eht hcnuats lliw ezuag dna
after (the) sickening rip   pir gninekcis (eht) retfa

ashes in the mouth stop the moving   gnivom eht pots htuom eht ni sehsa
pennies on the eyes of potters   srettop fo seye eht no seinnep
pouring over clay on wheels   sleehw no yalc revo gniruop
form future homes for ten dead daughters   srethguad daed net rof semoh erutuf mrof

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12/01/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\10\21
it’s all rubbish   hsibbur lla s’ti
piles and piles of muck high as the sky   yks eht sa hgih hsibbur fo selip dna selip
it threatens a lean   nael a snetaerht ti
i’m not talking to you right now   won thgir uoy ot gniklat ton m’i

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11/18/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\81\11
[entry deleted]   [deteled yrtne]
see: troy’s bucket.   .tekcub s’yort :ees
re: it’s all over.   .revo lla s’ti :er

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11/16/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\61\11
?   ?
those bits of buzz that sit in between hi and hello…   …olleh dna ih neewteb ni tis taht zzub fo stib esoht
those beats that never fit in the gaps of teeth   hteet fo spag eht ni tif reven taht staeb esoht
or get caught in the swirls of hair…   …riah fo slriws eht ni thguac teg ro
fingers tracing spells on lines of life and love.   .evol dna efil fo senil no slleps gnicart sregnif
they pat out a pleasing pitter and count pulse in pumps.   .spump ni eslup tnuoc dna rettip gnisaelp a tuo tap yeht
nimbly run amok in friendly houses.   .sesuoh yldneirf ni koma nur ylbmin
measure width, breadth, and span.   .naps dna ,htdaerb ,htdiw erusaem
over turn tables, break candles, steal books.   .skoob laets ,seldnac kaerb ,selbat nrut revo
then passes the time in black tar and cold wine   eniw dloc dna rat kcalb ni emit eht sessap neht
admitting they’re more than they look.   .kool yeht naht erom er’yeht gnittimda
one in file.   .elif ni eno
two in taunts.   .stnuat ni owt
three in bonds.   .sdnob ni eerht
fourth in manners on fields of cloth.   .htolc fo sdleif no srennam ni htruof
fifth inflicts.   .stcilfni htfif
always inflicts.   .stcilfni syawla
the numbering may be off.   .ffo eb yam gnirebmun eht
and now they sit to pass the time   emit eht ssap ot tis yeht won dna
drumming rhythms up the grain   niarg eht pu smhtyhr gnimmurd
trace imaginary lines   senil yranigami ecart
’till the ships pull in again   niaga ni llup spihs eht llit’
’till the ships pull out again   niaga tuo llup spihs eht llit’
to knows where…   …erehw swonk ot

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11/14/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\41\11
off he fluttered bleeding a ribbon of feathers   srehtaef fo nobbir a gnideelb derettulf eh ffo
down the marble staircase.   .esacriats elbram eht nwod
fingers in the cracks of a living dike.   .ekid gnivil a fo skcarc eht ni sregnif
the wall holding back torrents of essentials.   .slaitnesse fo stnerrot kcab gnidloh llaw eht
burners, churners, filters, aerators…   …srotarea ,sretlif ,srenruhc ,srenurb
their air pouring between slips and staining   gniniats dna spils neewteb gniruop ria rieht
pants and shoes.   .seohs dna stnap
the thick spinning scent and flavor off into   otni ffo rovalf dna tnecs gninnips kciht eht
the night as the doors burst open and the stumbles   selbumts eht dna nepo tsrub srood eht sa thgin eht
sound off against stone walls.   .sllaw enots tsniaga ffo dnuos
roll call left and right.   .thgir dna tfel llac llor
both here but weakening.   .gninekaew tub ereh htob
vision flutters and up go more wings.   .sgniw erom og pu dna srettulf noisiv
now the talons plugging the chest as a hand is found   .dnuof si dnah a sa tsehc eht gniggulp snolat eht won
dangling at his side.   edis sih ta gnilgnad
try as he might it won’t respond.   .dnopser t’now ti thgim eh sa yrt
so this quitter reacher lamely hangs   sgnah ylemal rehcaer rettiuq siht os
as the quickly turning husk finds his head   daeh sih sdnif ksuh gninrut ylkciuq eht sa
clean on the pillow of concrete at the foot of the   eht fo toof eht ta etercnoc fo wollip eht no naelc
second stair.   .riats dnoces
now turning, now turning, now empty.   .ytpme won ,gninrut won ,gninrut won
up on the bubble and floating…   …gnitaolf dna elbbub eht no pu
blowing kisses to his corpse…   …esproc sih ot sessik gniwolb
waving “hi” to the angels spinning like a top   pot a ekil gninnips slegna eht ot “ih” gnivaw
while madly collecting the down.   .nwod eht gnitcelloc yldam elihw
it floats and twists like snow in a dervish.   .hsivred a ni wons ekil stsiwt dna staolf ti
where did it all come from?   ?morf emoc lla ti did erehw

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11/13/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\31\11
but root.   .toor tub
that’s interesting.   .gnitseretni s’taht
roots are never really roots.   .stoor yllaer reven era stoor
mostly never anyway.   .yawyna reven yltsom
if you could actually trace them they all become perhaps   spahrep emoceb lla yeht meht ecart yllautca dluoc uoy fi
one or three.   .eerht ro eno
i can never decide that.   .taht ediced reven nac i
regardless they fall back to some common base   esab nommoc emos ot kcab llaf yeht sseldrager
we all carry around.   .dnuora yrrac lla ew
the point being, i suppose, that reduction solves nothing.   .gnihton sevlos noitcuder taht ,esoppus i ,gnieb tniop eht
an interesting past time, but the surface bends the light,   ,thgil eht sdneb ecafrus eht tub ,emit tsap gnitseretni na
not the depths.   .shtped eht ton
the depths get the secrets, that’s their domain.   .niamod rieht s’taht ,sterces eht teg shtped eht
and sure they breed the surface, but it’s the rainbows on   no swobniar eht s’ti tub ,ecafrus eht deerb yeht erus dna
top that hold our focus and bend the perspective.   .evitcepsrep eht dneb dna sucof ruo dloh taht pot
so this melancholy little tracer studying core samples   selpmas eroc gniyduts recart elttil ylohcnalem siht os
and digesting twigs to feel closer to nature often   netfo erutan ot resolc leef ot sgiwt gnitsegid dna
succumbs to tunnel vision.   .noisiv lennut ot sbmuccus
fortunately by the grace of unstung it’s always quite   etiuq syawla s’ti gnutsnu fo ecarg eht yb yletanutrof
fleeting and only further dims an already dim mood.   .doom mid ydaerla na smid rehturf ylno dna gniteelf
eventually it’s the rise and out.   .tuo dna esir eht s’ti yllautneve
rest before digging another ditch in six by six.   .xis yb xis ni hctid rehtona gniggid erofeb tser
ignoring the third dimension as a means for accommodating   gnitadommocca rof snaem a sa noisnemid driht eht gnirongi
potential future expansion.   .noisnapxe erutuf laitnetop
but the heart of hope is the idea: at least you can   nac uoy tsael ta :aedi eht si epoh fo traeh eht tub
always fool your past self.   .fles tsap ruoy loof syawla
sure, that was ever the intention.   .noitnetni eht reve saw taht ,erus
i believe you.   .uoy eveileb i
and i would too.   .oot dluow i dna

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11/12/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\21\11
playing the perpetual hunter can be quite dangerous.   .suoregnad etiuq eb nac retnuh lauteprep eht gniyalp
no matter the original focus, the initial game, it tends   sdent ti ,emag laitini eht ,sucof lanigiro eht rettam on
to always shift. though this thought is moot for its crux   xurc sti rof toom si thguoht siht ghuoht .tfihs syawla ot
is an everything trait.   .tiart gnihtyreve na si
now linear, now waning, now bipolar, ever rarer, never falling.   .gnillaf reven ,rerar reve ,ralopib won ,gninaw won ,raenil won
may digress not regress, helped by occasional egress before   erofeb sserge lanoisacco yb depleh ,sserger ton ssergid yam
another dim plunge into murky and murkier waters.   .sretaw reikrum dna ykrum otni egnulp mid rehtona
and the game can sometimes be a pollutant…   …tnatullop a eb semitemos nac emag eht dna
to certain heads.   .sdaeh niatrec ot
those certain heads getting stuck to the mat, those with   htiw esoht ,tam eht ot kcuts gnitteg sdaeh niatrec esoht
working brain box filters and those with living wills.   .slliw gnivil htiw esoht dna sretlif xob niarb gnikrow
wired for construction and emulation and winning in both.   .htob ni gninniw dna noitalume dna noitcurtsnoc rof deriw
they’re better off.   .ffo retteb re’yeht
the life reactors feel the pollutant much stronger.   .regnorts hcum tnatullop eht leef srotcaer efil eht
being a split with built in buffers has huge advantages,   ,segatnavda eguh sah sreffub ni tliub htiw tilps a gnieb
but the hunt will always resolve empty.   .ytpme evloser syawla lliw tnuh eht tub
it’s always more exciting when they tap you on the shoulder anyway.   .yawyna redluohs eht no uoy pat yeht nehw gniticxe erom syawla s’ti
and don’t be fooled, it’s an effect and not a root.   .toor a ton dna tceffe na s’ti ,deloof eb t’nod dna

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11/10/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\01\11
few things   sgniht wef
showsz updated   detadpu zswohs
no us at afterparty for talleyrand   dnaryellat rof ytrapretfa ta su on
had to bow out   tuo wob ot dah
soory to liszarsz   zsrazsil ot yroos
wasn’t boat bound anyhoo eh?   ?he oohyna dnuob taob t’nsaw
…..   …..
the shylights from atlanta heading up   pu gnidaeh atnalta morf sthgilyhs eht
we’ll be joining him at tsi nov.23   32.von ist ta mih gninioj eb ll’ew
…..   …..
attention directed to the corporal   laroproc eht ot detcerid noitnetta
magazine in both online and printed flavors   srovalf detnirp dna enilno htob ni enizagam
we had an interview/writeup in the first issue   eussi tsrif eht ni puetirw\weivretni na dah ew
scope an joy   yoj na epocs
…..   …..
planning a trip up the spire   erips eht pu pirt a gninnalp
couldn’t forget   tegrof t’ndluoc
just putting it off   ffo ti gnittup tsuj
one week long roughly   ylhguor gnol keew eno
don’t know what that adds up to down here   ereh nwod ot pu sdda taht tahw wonk t’nod
less i’m sure   erus m’i ssel
begins in a few months   shtnom wef a ni snigeb
will be centered on library access   ssecca yrarbil no deretnec eb lliw
and spectacle investigation   noitagitsevni elcatceps dna
these came from someone   enoemos morf emac eseht
yes yes   sey sey

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11/08/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\80\11
loose news   swen esool
lack of updates renders these useless   sselesu eseht sredner setadpu fo kcal
issues re-compressing after voyage i suppose   esoppus i egayov retfa gnisserpmoc-er seussi
cloth principle girth decided on and finished   dehsinif dna no dediced htrig elpicnirp htolc
stitches being placed   decalp gnieb sehctits
final mixing in roughly a fortnight   thgintrof a ylhguor ni gnixim lanif
focus fully on bandish tooling   gniloot hsidnab no ylluf sucof
live tracking with bear as engineer   reenigne sa raeb htiw gnikcart evil
many thanks to paws and tanks   sknat dna swap ot sknaht ynam
with luck we’ll have two at once   ecno ta owt evah ll’ew kcul htiw
one dead one living   gnivil eno daed eno
meaning cc focus now more freeform   mrofeerf erom won sucof cc gninaem
composition on group basis   sisab puorg no noitisopmoc
bookending outpour with constructs and thoughts   sthguoht dna stcurtsnoc htiw ruoptuo gnidnekoob
editing in the middle   elddim eht ni gnitide
back in the swing expect more regular theses   seseht raluger erom tcepxe gniws eht ni kcab
more frequent anyway   yawyna tneuqerf erom
lou’s noose   esoon s’uol

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10/29/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\92\01
wind cutting lines in the shivers it spines.   .senips ti srevihs eht ni senil gnittuc dniw
a bottle, a bag, a belly for both.   .htob rof ylleb a ,gab a ,elttob a
a coil of sound wound round magnet toast   tsaot tengam dnuor dnuow dnuos fo lioc a
motors medic colored hands   sdnah deroloc cidem srotom
as the host serves our biblical friends.   .sdneirf lacilbib ruo sevres tsoh eht sa
reverent farewells, palms together   rehtegot smlap ,slleweraf tnerever
bowing head and making exit.   .tixe gnikam dna daeh gniwob
psalms sung low in cobalt weather.   .rehtaew tlaboc ni wol gnus smlasp
then a fitting little end   dne elttil gnittif a neht
on a couch at the bend   dneb eht ta hcuoc a no
before the road climbs again   niaga sbimlc daor eht erofeb
to the top of the hill   llih eht fo pot eht ot
where chains hum that sleepwalkers anthem in a march.   .hcram a ni mehtna sreklawpeels taht muh sniahc erehw
a march into a marsh into a flood from the showers   srewohs eht morf doolf a otni hsram a otni hcram a
that follow bringing petals through the windows left open.   .nepo tfel swodniw eht hguorht slatep gnignirb wollof taht
curtains dancing in it.   .ti ni gnicnad sniatruc
they wave goodbye to the loon.   .nool eht ot eybdoog evaw yeht
moves past   tsap sevom

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10/28/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\82\01
…   …
it blankets all the alleys that we haunt   tnuah ew taht syella eht lla steknalb ti
scent and tone   enot dna tnecs
wheezing like a juggernaut now old   dlo won tuanregguj a ekil gnizeehw
bleeding loam   maol gnideelb
veins all packed with mud and dust   tsud dna dum htiw dekcap lla sniev
i know   wonk i

if you’ll lift the fog formed in halo   olah ni demrof gof eht tfil ll’uoy fi
and pull it through nose out of skull   lluks fo tuo eson hguorht ti llup dna
breathing in gently shiver slow   wols revihs yltneg ni gnihtaerb
the sliver given melts through snow   wons hguorht stlem nevig revils eht
…   …

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10/22/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\22\01
changes   segnahc
a foot   toof a
an inch a yard   dray a hcni na
prince is split in two   owt ni tilps si ecnirp
this is fine   enif si siht
dead is moving along   gnola gnivom si daed
cc demo dying   gniyd omed cc
new open form direction   noitcerid mrof nepo wen
two tracks salvageable   elbaegavlas skcart owt
rest will be reworked entirely   yleritne dekrower eb lliw tser
probably done backwards in comparison   nosirapmoc ni sdrawkcab enod ylbaborp
two more released end of year   raey fo dne desaeler erom owt
then two more shortly after   retfa yltrohs erom owt neht
end of winter   retniw fo dne
it will be a slue of rubbish at once   ecno ta hsibbur fo euls a eb lliw ti
hang tough little soldiers   sreidlos elttil hguot gnah
wool socks for winter   retniw rof skcos loow
plenty of parchment to write home on   no emoh etirw ot tnemhcrap fo ytnelp
pens   snep
ink   kni
smokes   sekoms
who knows what else   esle tahw swonk ohw
maybe we’ll wrap one in gauze   ezuag ni eno parw ll’ew ebyam
and another in blankets   steknalb ni rehtona dna
keep them warm from the weather   rehtaew eht morf mraw meht peek
under clouds   sduolc rednu
cobalt   tlaboc

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10/18/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\81\01
heads bouncing around on thin tilted necks   skcen detlit niht no dnuora gnicnuob sdaeh
moving ever forward poking holes in sheets above   evoba steehs ni seloh gnikop drawrof reve gnivom
sheets spouting leaks and bleeding   gnideelb dna skael gnituops steehs
blood rusts the metal and the guns are eaten up   pu netae era snug eht dna latem eht stsur doolb
the eating leaves the wood and the wood burns at night   thgin ta snrub doow eht dna doow eht sevael gnitae eht
the burning throws warmth and the men huddle holding hands   sdnah gnidloh eldduh nem eht dna htmraw sworht gninrub eht
out and over the flames that cook the clothing   gnihtolc eht kooc taht semalf eht revo dna tuo
the clothing that gave purpose   esoprup evag taht gnihtolc eht
the purpose that gave guns   snug evag taht esoprup eht
the guns that gave death   htaed evag taht snug eht
the death that finds life   efil sdnif taht htaed eht
and a little huddle of boys around the burning husks   sksuh gninrub eht dnuora syob fo eldduh elttil a dna
of spears that bled the sheets   steehs eht delb taht sraeps fo

“Wadda we do now?”   ”?won od ew addaW”
“I have this magnetic chess set…”   ”…tes ssehc citengam siht evah I”
“I’ll play black.”   ”.kcalb yalp ll’I
“Righto.”   ”.othgiR”

They feasted.   .detsaef yehT
The Salisbury steak tasted really, really good.   .doog yllaer ,yllaer detsat kaets yrubsilaS ehT
That was notably unusual.   .lausunu ylbaton saw tahT
They’d found a cache of wine as well.   .llew sa eniw fo ehcac a dnuof d’yehT
They celebrated.   .detarbelec yehT
William leaned against the tree sitting on his hands   sdnah sih no gnittis eert eht tsniaga denael mailliW
some distance from the fire.   .erif eht morf ecnatsid emos
He watched the others dance and sing.   .gnis dna ecnad srehto eht dehctaw eH
Slowly his eyelids fell.   .llef sdileye sih ylwolS
Then dreams.   .smaerd nehT
Dreams set to shouted psalms, never ending.   .gnidne reven ,smlasp detuohs ot tes smaerD
Dreams in which he saw a smooth black sheet.   .teehs kcalb htooms a was eh hcihw ni smaerD
It rippled and waved.   .devaw dna delppir tI
The desert winds caught the desert sands and they tore at the sheet.   .teehs eht ta erot yeht dna sdans tresed eht thguac sdniw tresed ehT
Over time they stripped it to a bone white.   .etihw enob a ot ti deppirts yeht emit revO
And bone white it remained…   …deniamer ti etihw enob dnA
Until it too became sand.   .dnas emaceb oot ti litnU

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10/17/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\71\01
though wicked and winded still white wicker man   nam rekciw etihw llits dedniw dna dekciw hguoht
wept shoving his teeth red through tongue of pan   nap fo eugnot hguorht der hteet sih gnivohs tpew
a piper or weaver worn one when once sane   enas ecno nehw eno nrow revaew ro repip a
now sickening sick from laboring pains   sniap gnirobal morf kcis gninekcis won
a thickening slick leaves both brown and black stains   sniats kcalb dna nworb htob sevael kcils gninekciht a
on tile that breathes in heat and chill rains   sniar llihc dna taeh ni sehtaerb taht elit no

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10/16/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\61\01
scorch, scorch and burn   nrub dna hcrocs ,hcrocs
all they leave are plans quick written   nettirw kciuq snalp era evael yeht lla
many ends feed any means   snaem yna deef sdne ynam
for baking king of cakes uneaten   netaenu sekac fo gnik gnikab rof

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10/15/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\51\01
how very very unclear   raelcnu yrev yrev woh
the view from up here   ereh pu morf weiv eht

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10/14/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\41\01
If you’ve never spent an inexcusable amount of time   emit fo tnuoma elbasucxeni na tneps reven ev’uoy fI
staring at a large body of water, you should try it some.   .emos ti yrt dluohs uoy ,retaw fo ydob egral a ta gnirats
Just sit with your legs dangling over a railing somewhere   erehwemos gniliar a revo gnilgnad sgel ruoy htiw tis tsuJ
and make sure there’s a little light left in the day.   .yad eht ni tfel thgil elttil a s’ereht erus ekam dna
Stare straight down and start working your way out, tracing   gnicart ,tuo yaw ruoy gnikrow trats dna nwod thgiarts eratS
lines on the surface.   .ecafrus eht no senil
You’ll inevitably run into little patches of water where the   eht erehw retaw fo sehctap elttil otni nur ylbativeni ll’uoY
movement and reflection don’t look “right”.   .”thgir” kool t’nod noitcelfer dna tnemevom
Something about the angles of the light and the way everything collides   sedilloc gnihtyreve yaw eht dna thgil eht fo selgna eht tuoba gnihtemoS
in that spot makes it impossible for your eyes to pick up normally.   .yllamron pu kcip ot seye ruoy rof elbissopmi ti sekam tops taht ni
It looks very interesting and tends to make me dizzy.   .yzzid em ekam ot sdnet dna gnitseretni yrev skool tI
I’m sure for some people it could mean something important   tnatropmi gnihtemos naem dluoc ti elpoep emos rof erus m’I
about proof of the unseen or some junk about human fallibility.   .ytilibillaf namuh tuoba knuj emos ro neesnu eht fo foorp tuoba
… which is cool and all…   …lla dna looc si hcihw …
I think I like it because it reminds me of the stars you can give   evig nac uoy srats eht fo em sdnimer ti esuaceb ti ekil I kniht I
yourself if you cut the circulation of blood off to your eyeballs   sllabeye ruoy ot ffo doolb fo noitalucric eht tuc uoy fi flesruoy
for a while by pushing them into their sockets.   .stekcos rieht otni meht gnihsup yb elihw a rof
… and also it makes me a little sick.   .kcis elttil a em sekam ti osla dna …

So what I’m saying is, “It’s trippy brah.”   ”.harb yppirt s’tI” ,si gniyas m’I tahw oS

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10/13/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\31\01
You know, I still haven’t been back.   .kcab neeb t’nevah llits I ,wonk uoY
I’ve been carrying the spectacles around though.   .hguoht dnuora selcatceps eht gniyrrac neeb ve’I

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10/12/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\21\01
More waves than words this week.   .keew siht sdrow naht sevaw eroM
Net ever closing around the prince-fishies.   .seihsif-ecnirp eht dnuora gnisolc reve teN
Out… how long?   ?gnol woh …tuO
3hree, maybe 4our days.   .syad ruo4 ebyam ,eerh3
Mixing is hell.   .lleh si gnixiM
Ego -12elve.   .evle21- ogE

The air!   !ria ehT
Have you felt it?   ?ti tlef uoy evaH
Really, I’ve been literally dancing in it.   .ti ni gnicnad yllaretil neeb ve’I ,yllaeR
Jigging anyway.   .yawyna gniggiJ
Mood +20enty.   .ytne02+ dooM

The mutants are further mutating.   .gnitatum rehtruf era stnatum ehT
I’m not sure what that makes them.   .meht sekam taht tahw erus ton m’I
Maybe madlibs.   .sbildam ebyaM
I think somewhere it came to be that thoughts of youth   htuoy fo sthguoht taht eb ot emac ti erehwemos kniht I
have feels and smells that rest well in sounds from then.   .neht morf sdnuos ni llew tser taht sllems dna sleef evah
So that’s the way it went and that’s the way it’s going.   .gniog s’ti yaw eht s’taht dna tnew ti yaw eht s’taht oS
Back, back and further building new little extensions and   dna snoisnetxe elttil wen gnidliub rehtruf dna kcab ,kcaB
adding rooms to long abandoned towers.   .srewot denodnaba gnol ot smoor gnidda
Mantra: Nix the lobotomy rock.   .kcor ymotobol eht xiN :artnaM
Still waiting on the rookery.   .yrekoor eht no gnitiaw llitS
I’m a bit frightened of that one.   .eno taht fo denethgirf tib a m’I
If I could borrow a bird for a day…   …yad a rof drib a worrob dluoc I fI
Well now, that’s actually quite possible!   !elbissop etiuq yllautca s’taht ,won lleW
Well I’m glad I wrote that just then.   .neht tsuj taht etorw I dalg m’I lleW
Like that the veil fails.   .sliaf liev eht taht ekiL
I think that’ll be the next one.   .eno txen eht eb ll’taht kniht I
What awaits inside the rookery,   ,yrekoor eht edisni stiawa tahW
In every corner, cran and nookery?   ?yrekoon dna narc ,renroc yreve nI
Maybe more fishies.   .seihsif erom ebyaM
That’s what we’ll be needing.   .gnideen eb ll’ew tahw s’tahT
More princes to feed the mouthses.   .seshtuom eht deef ot secnirp eroM
Shortage of eyeballs I hear.   .raeh I sllabeye fo egatrohS

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10/11/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\11\01
Oh those boys…   …syob esoht hO
So snatch away.   .yawa hctans oS
It wouldn’t have worked without you.   .uoy tuohtiw dekrow evah t’ndluow tI
Too bad the chamber was only half full.   .lluf flah ylno saw rebmahc eht dab ooT
I hope the man with the funny hat doesn’t ruin it all.   .lla ti niur t’nseod tah ynnuf eht htiw nam eht epoh I
Hey, I bought you a few smokes I suppose.   .esoppus I sekoms wef a uoy thguob I ,yeH
Anyway…   …yawynA
Thanks.   .sknahT

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10/09/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\90\01
Ever been to one of those monstrous all night warehouses   sesuoheraw thgin lla suortsnom esoht fo eno ot neeb revE
full of clothes and food and gadgets?   ?stegdag dna doof dna sehtolc fo lluf
Downright depressing….   ….gnisserped thgirnwoD

And even the machines make you pay them while you’re   er’uoy elihw meht yap uoy ekam senihcam eht neve dnA
standing there doing all the work.   .krow eht lla gniod ereht gnidnats
I hear there’s a trick with those.   .esoht htiw kcirt a s’ereht raeh I
Think a guy in prison had it figured out.   .tuo derugif ti dah nosirp ni yug a knihT
I read one of his letters sent in to those techno-rabblerousers   sresuorelbbar-onhcet esoht ot ni tnes srettel sih fo eno daer I
from the world wide web.   .bew ediw dlrow eht morf
Something about exact change and full payouts.   .stuoyap lluf dna egnahc tcaxe tuoba gnihtemoS
I’m sure it’s fixed.   .dexif s’ti erus m’I
It’s damn tempting though.   .hguoht gnitpmet nmad s’tI
Then they cut open your gifts and tell you it’s for security.   .ytiruces rof s’ti uoy llet dna stfig ruoy nepo tuc yeht nehT
Thanks! Now they’re even more worthless.   .sselhtrow erom neve re’yeht woN !sknahT
I mean you really saved me the trouble of using those things.   .sgniht esoht gnisu fo elbuort eht em devas yllaer uoy naem I

Good job.   .boj dooG
Too bad the gusto don’t pad your pockets.   .stekcop ruoy dap t’nod otsug eht dab ooT

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10/07/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\70\01
Windy and humid, wreaking of dead skates and puffers.   .sreffup dna setaks daed fo gnikaerw ,dimuh dna ydniW
Watching the men work the metal.   .latem eht krow nem eht gnihctaW
Bending it against the water.   .retaw eht tsniaga ti gnidneB
A bell rings.   .sgnir lleb A
Lunch at 3am.   .ma3 ta hcnuL
What a bunch of old idiots.   .stoidi dlo fo hcnub a tahW

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10/06/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\60\01
1ne time straight through.   .hguorht thgiarts emit ne1
6ix down.   .nwod xi6
All rubbish.   .hsibbur llA
It still felt good.   .doog tlef llits tI
Total tally of loss now 4our count.   .tnuoc ruo4 won ssol fo yllat latoT
New devices suuk. Aide took.   .koot ediA .kuus secived weN
For the soft one: back half dumped.   .depmud flah kcab :eno tfos eht roF
Forget it, wasn’t worth it.   .ti htrow t’nsaw ,ti tegroF
Better things ahead.   .daeha sgniht retteB
All the time in the year.   .raey eht ni emit eht llA
Rush of songs and flooding head a day ago.   .oga yad a daeh gnidoolf dna sgnos fo hsuR
Ticking off minutes to open.   .nepo ot setunim ffo gnikciT
Fortnight and days before wings to west.   .tsew ot sgniw erofeb syad dna thgintroF
Hearing old men act young and bleed ears of the un-aged.   .dega-nu eht fo srae deelb dna gnuoy tca nem dlo gniraeH
Swim in mirror ocean with moon light and lady.   .ydal dna thgil noom htiw naeco rorrim ni miwS
Once here, once there, wed only at sea.   .aes ta ylno dew ,ereht ecno ,ereh ecnO
All that’s left are the other 5ive.   .evi5 rehto eht era tfel s’taht llA
All at night.   .thgin ta llA
Soon songs from sea you’ll hear, by we.   .ew yb ,raeh ll’uoy aes morf sgnos nooS
Or songs with men of women of men.   .nem fo nemow fo nem htiw sgnos rO
Neither sure nor non   non ron erus rehtieN
In the month to come.   .emoc ot htnom eht nI
This was the day   yad eht saw sihT
And a future in weeks.   .skeew ni erutuf a dnA

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10/05/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\50\01
Jagged and sharp.   .prahs dna deggaJ
Young, stark.   .krats ,gnuoY
Fresh, unmarked.   .dekramnu ,hserF
Trident and curls.   .slruc dna tnedirT
Red in the dark,   ,krad eht ni deR
lit with a spark.   .kraps a htiw til
No tie or tongue   eugnot ro eit oN
Or song unsung.   .gnusnu gnos rO
Mouths both glued and joined as one.   .eno sa denoij dna deulg htob shtuoM
Night ever night and parade around   dnuora edarap dna thgin reve thgiN
Float in flight through sound on sound.   .dnuos no dnuos hguorht thgilf ni taolF
Between.   .neewteB
Behind.   .dniheB
Aloof.  .foolA
Aground.   .dnuorgA
Pale.   .elaP
Bled.   .delB
Found.   .dnuoF

Hahahaha!   !ahahahaH

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10/04/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\40\01
Young boy,   ,yob gnuoY
thin, grinds his teeth when he thinks,   ,skniht eh nehw hteet sih sdnirg ,niht
always talking about rain or no rain,   ,niar on ro niar tuoba gniklat syawla
absolutely covered in mud.   .dum ni derevoc yletulosba
Tossing sticks against a cave wall near it’s open.   .nepo s’ti raen llaw evac a tsniaga skcits gnissoT
No matter how many times they are thrown   nworht era yeht semit ynam woh rettam oN
they always stand on end…   …dne no dnats syawla yeht
Perfectly pointed up, praising the moon.   .noom eht gnisiarp ,pu detniop yltcefreP
Salt air floods his lungs as he breathes deep…   .peed sehtaerb eh sa sgnul sih sdoolf ria tlaS

as he picks up the sticks   skcits eht pu skcip eh sa
and readies them for another toss.   .ssot rehtona rof meht seidaer dna
Go.   .oG
All on end again.   .niaga dne no llA
His lips crack a smile, he clicks his tongue and   dna eugnot sih skcilc eh ,elims a kcarc spil siH
grinds his teeth once more.   .erom ecno hteet sih sdnirg
His fingers tick and twitch as he adds in his head.   .daeh sih ni sdda eh sa hctiwt dna kcit sregnif siH
Waves crash against the rocks trailing from the cave mouth.   .htuom evac eht morf gniliart skcor eht tsniaga hsarc sevaW
The sea is deafening,   ,dninefaed si aes ehT
Eternally screaming at no one in particular.   .ralucitrap ni eno on ta gnimaercs yllanretE
Roaring against an imagined assault, tossing foam and   dna maof gnissot ,tluassa denigami na tsniaga gniraoR
spitting curses.   .sesruc gnittips
Calming and breathing slower, soft sussurations,   ,snoitarussus tfos ,rewols gnihtaerb dna gnimlaC
distant and waning.   .gnignaw dna tnatsid
Another manic bout and more slick flung.   .gnulf kcils erom dna tuob cinam rehtonA
Bath time.   .emit htaB
Dive in, dirt off, sticks gone.   .enog skcits ,ffo trid ,ni eviD
Back home.   .emoh kcaB
Twelve in all, none lost, none failed.   .deliaf enon ,tsol enon ,lla ni evlewT
Mining starts tomorrow.   .worromot strats gniniM
The minnows aren’t around.   .dnuora t’nera swonnim ehT

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09/30/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\03\90
A tall man, middle age, dark skin, no hair.   .riah on ,niks krad ,ega elddim ,nam llat A
He stands in the middle of a truck stop parking lot.   .tol gnikrap pots kcurt a fo elddim eht ni sdnats eH
He’s holding a coffee and talking to another man, probably ten years his   sih sraey net ylbaborp ,nam rehtona ot gniklat dna eeffoc a gnidloh s’eH
senior, pale, salt and pepper hair parted to one side.   .edis eno ot detrap riah reppep dna tlas ,elap ,roines
This older man is also holding a coffee. They are wearing identical suits.   .stuis lacitnedi gniraew era yehT .eeffoc a gnidloh osla si nam redlo sihT
The suits look relatively well made. They are all black with   htiw kcalb lla era yehT .edam llew ylevitaler kool stuis ehT
matching black shoes. They wear identical white shirts with   htiw strihs etihw lacitnedi raew yehT .seohs kcalb gnihctam
the same maroon ties pinned down with the same odd emblem.   .melbme ddo emas eht htiw nwod dennip seit nooram emas eht
They are standing strangely close.   .esolc ylegnarts gnidnats era yehT
I’m backing out of a parking space and I almost hit them.   .meht tih tsomla I dna ecaps gnikrap a fo tuo gnikcab m’I
They don’t even look at me or miss a beat in the conversation.   .noitasrevnoc eht ni taeb a ssim ro em ta kool neve t’nod yehT
They are standing in the middle of the lot. Not in a space and not near   raen ton dna ecaps a ni toN .tol eht fo elddim eht ni gnidnats era yehT
the pumps… just in between… right in the middle.   .elddim eht ni thgir …neewteb ni tsuj …spmup eht
I begin to drive off and through the rear-view mirror I see they   yeht ees I rorrim weiv-raer eht hguorht dna ffo evird ot nigeb I
are still fully engaged in this… what? Conference? Another car is   si rac rehtonA ?ecnerefnoC ?tahw …siht ni degagne ylluf llits era
pulling up and has to drive around them to park. Once again, they neither   rehtien yeht ,niaga ecnO .krap ot meht dnuora evird ot sah dna pu gnillup
move, nor look at the car at all. They continue with their discussion.   .noissucsid rieht htiw eunitnoc yehT .lla ta rac eht ta kool ron ,evom
Aside from the old wagon trying to park and the clerk’s vehicle,   ,elcihev s’krelc eht dna krap ot gniyrt nogaw dlo eht morf edisA
the entire lot is empty.   .ytpme si tol eritne eht
This is not unusual for this particular truck stop.   .pots kcurt ralucitrap siht rof lausunu ton si sihT
Almost every night something just as strange occurs.   .srucco egnarts sa tsuj gniht emos thgin yreve tsomlA
The Northside.   .edishtroN ehT
… and you hear a thereminvox faintly…   …yltniaf xovnimereht a raeh uoy dna …

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09/29/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\92\90
The wall is humming again and I can’t even be here.   .ereh eb neve t’nac I dna niaga gnimmuh si llaw ehT
The sound is not beautiful this time, it is loud and   dna duol si ti ,emit siht lufituaeb ton si dnuos ehT
terrible. It makes me shiver and it hurts my insides…   …sedisni ym struh ti dna revihs em sekam tI .elbirret
Like my veins have been rubbed raw, ears poked with   htiw dekop srae ,war debbur neeb evah sniev ym ekiL
giant thumbs. My bones feel perpetually cold again.   .niaga dloc yllauteprep leef senob yM .sbumht tnaig

There’s a pair of glasses on a ledge.   .egdel a no sessalg fo riap a s’erehT
I don’t wear glasses.   .sessalg raew t’nod I
They don’t look like they come from below.   .woleb morf emoc yeht ekil kool t’nod yehT
Nothing today.   .yadot gnihtoN
Today will not do.   .od ton lliw yadoT

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09/27/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\72\90
There’s a murder or family of crows that visits the bridge some days.   .syad emos egdirb eht stisiv taht sworc fo ylimaf ro redrum a s’erehT
Often I am outside when they are flying by and they will turn,   ,nrut lliw yeht dna yb gniylf era yeht nehw edistuo ma I netfO
dive, and descend, gently coming to rest   tser ot gnimoc yltneg ,dnecsed dna ,evid
on a metal beam above my head.   .daeh ym evoba maeb latem a no
No lie, the front one simply chalks out one hello and up they go,   ,og yeht pu dna olleh eno tuo sklahc ylpmis eno tnorf eht ,eil oN
again into the air. I’m not sure if he was demanding food or   ro doof gnidnamed saw eh fi erus ton m’I .ria eht otni niaga
announcing intentions or what but it just seems like a nice “Howdy”.   .”ydwoH” ecin a ekil smees tsuj ti tub tahw ro snoitnetni gnicnuonna
They really are rather friendly looking things.   .sgniht gnikool yldneirf rehtar era yllaer yehT
This is even sillier but the one that talks looks a bit like myself.   .flesym ekil tib a skool sklat taht eno eht tub reillis neve si sihT
He might know me from somewhere.   .erehwemos morf em wonk thgim eH

I’d name him but that would be weird.   .driew eb dluow taht tub mih eman d’I
I mean he probably already has a name.   .eman a sah ydaerla ylbaborp eh naem I
I don’t think birds need more than one.   .eno naht erom deen sdrib kniht t’nod I

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09/26/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\62\90
In the matters, here presented, of “Stou” and “Lon”,   ,”noL” dna “uotS” fo ,detneserp ereh ,srettam eht nI
the first being the younger of the two and more prone   enorp erom dna owt eht fo regnuoy eht gnieb tsrif eht
to misrepresentation, I feel that Lon is more suited as   sa detuis erom si noL taht leef I ,noitatneserpersim ot
candidate for study group 1ne and I offer him in fulfillment   tnemllifluf ni mih reffo I dna ne1 puorg yduts rof etadidnac
of my required 1ne recom/round.   .dnuor\mocer ne1 deriuqer ym fo

On the matter of Lethis edging. No. Frankly? I think it’s hideous.   .suoedih s’ti kniht I ?ylknarF .oN .gnigde sehteL fo rettam eht nO
If you knew anything about edging at all, you’d know that   taht wonk d’uoy ,lla ta gnigde tuoba gnihtyna wenk uoy fI
Lethis is the “Ssop” of edging. Not a moment goes by, not   ton ,yb seog tnemom a toN .gnigde fo “posS” eht si sihteL
a single breath you take passes, that 10n more Lethis edgings   sgnigde sehteL erom n01 taht ,sessap ekat uoy htaerb elgnis a
aren’t shaped and shipped and hung. If one thing were to cause   esuac ot erew gniht eno fI .gnuh dna deppihs dna depahs t’nera
our utter and complete destruction, it would be inundation with   htiw noitadnuni eb dluow ti ,noitcurtsed etelpmoc dna rettu ruo
and the following suffocation under the billions upon billions   snoillib nopu snoillib eht rednu noitacoffus gniwollof eht dna
of Lethis edgings that are sure to surface in the coming years.   .sraey gnimoc eht ni ecafrus ot erus era taht sgnigde sihteL fo
I hear the growth is exponential.   .laitnenopxe si htworg eht raeh I

The fact that you even suggested this as a course of action   noitca fo esruoc a sa siht detseggus neve uoy taht tcaf ehT
gives cause for re-evaluation.   .noitaulave-er rof esuac sevig

Expect a full grading by the end of this week.   .keew siht fo dne eht yb gnidrag lluf a tcepxE
… and yes stew would be fine.   .enif eb dluow wets sey dna …

loads of love,   ,evol fo sdaol
     -nat   tan-     

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09/24/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\42\90
I’m sitting and thinking.   .gnikniht dna gnittis m’I
There’s a small girl hiding in the hollow of a great oak.   .kao taerg a fo wolloh eht ni gnidih lrig llams a s’erehT
… or something resembling an oak.   .kao na gnilbmeser gnihtemos ro …
She’s huddled up, arms around knees, staring out into   otni tuo gnirats ,seenk dnuora smra ,pu deldduh s’ehS
the wood.   .doow eht
A flock of birds sits on the forest floor.   .roolf tserof eht no stis sdrib fo kcolf A
They are feeding on something she can’t see.   .ees t’nac ehs gnihtemos no gnideef era yehT
A sharp movement and they all take flight.   .thgilf ekat lla yeht dna tnemevom prahs A
The wings pound a perfect rhythm.   .mhtyhr tcefrep a dnuop sgniw ehT
A match to the music of the woods at sunset.   .tesnus ta sdoow eht fo cisum eht ot hctam A
Luminous dust or spores float all around…   …dnuora lla taolf serops ro tsud suonimuL
Perhaps fireflies. She can’t tell.   .llet t’nac ehS .seilferif spahreP
The sticky birds have marched by.   .yb dehcram evah sdrib ykcits ehT
Bolero has been gutted.   dettug neeb sah oreloB
She didn’t like him but it still came as a shock.   .kcohs a sa emac llits ti tub mih ekil t’ndid ehS
It will be time to lie down soon.   .noos nwod eil ot emit eb lliw tI
She will stir to church bells at dawn.   .nwad ta slleb hcruhc ot rits lliw ehS
She’s so near the edge of the wood, but unaware.   .erawanu tub ,doow eht fo egde eht raen os s’ehS
One more night isn’t so bad.   .dab os t’nsi thgin erom enO
The worst part is the song of the woods from dusk to daybreak.   .kaerbyad ot ksud morf sdoow eht fo gnos eht si trap tsrow ehT
I will hear it from the tunnels of the spire.   .erips eht fo slennut eht morf ti raeh lliw I
I feel sorry for her.   .reh rof yrros leef I
The echoes here render it dreamy.   .ymaerd ti redner ereh seohce ehT
Not true in her hollow.   .wolloh reh ni eurt toN
She will not sleep.   .peels ton lliw ehS
On a brighter note, few things in her life will compare   erapmoc lliw efil reh ni sgniht wef ,eton rethgirb a nO
to the beauty of the following morning.   .gninrom gniwollof eht fo ytuaeb eht ot
Or so I was told…   …dlot saw I os rO
By some old guys this one time.   .emit eno seht syug dlo emos yB

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09/23/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\32\90
Fed and fat little bugs march along the length of a door-jam.   .maj-rood a fo htgnel eht gnola hcram sgub elttil taf dna deF
Small silvered bullets with tails that taper and curl at the tip.   .pit eht ta lruc dna repat taht sliat htiw stellub derevlis llamS
Segmented and spiraled like the path that leads to their home.   .emoh rieht ot sdael taht htap eht ekil delarips dna detnemgeS
Continuous. No defined head, body.   .ydob ,daeh denifed oN .suounitnoC
There’s a rather portly one at the front.   .tnorf eht ta eno yltrop rehtar a s’erehT
Exceptionally so.   .os yllanoitpecxE
BB eyes showing no thought deeper than forward.   .drawrof naht repeed thguoht on gniwohs seye BB
Forward… forward… forward.   .draworf …drawrof …drawroF
Halt.   .tlaH
A single antennae, stem of a tiny plant, juts from the   eht morf stuj ,tnalp ynit a fo mets ,eannetna elgnis A
front of each of them.   .meht fo hcae fo tnorf
It ends in an impossibly thin corkscrew.   .wercskroc niht ylbissopmi na ni sdne tI
Everything they are brings to mind swirling metallic paint   tniap cillatem gnilrews dnim ot sgnirb era yeht gnihtyrevE
in a pool of thinner.   .renniht fo loop a ni
Something funny happens.   .sneppah ynnuf gnihtemoS
They vibrate.   .etarbiv yehT
A high hum.   .muh hgih A
Silky threads begin to spill from spaces between twists at their   rieht ta stsiwt neewteb secaps morf llips ot nigeb sdaerht ykliS
centers.   .sretnec
Twirls fold, fall and build and wrap about each.   .hcae tuoba parw dna dliub dna llaf ,dlof slriwT
I think of cotton candy machines.   .senihcam ydnac nottoc fo kniht I
I’ve left the hatch open.   .nepo hctah eht tfel ve’I
The thought occurring as a wind blows down into the room.   .moor eht otni nwod swolb dniw a sa gnirrucco thguoht ehT
An odd gust that found it’s way in from the mouth of the   eht fo htuom eht morf ni yaw s’ti dnuof taht tsug ddo nA
spire passages.   .segassap erips
The air rushes down and ruffles the silk belts the bugs wear.   .raew sgub eht stleb klis eht selffur dna nwod sehsur ria ehT
First first then second then third and last.   .tsal dna driht neht dnoces neht tsrif tsriF
They leap up-up-up-out of the hatch.   .hctah eht fo tuo-pu-pu-pu pael yehT
Sailing on currents I can’t see, navigating the invisible ocean   naeco elbisivni eht gnitagivan ,ees t’nac I stnerruc no gniliaS
I sit submerged in.   .ni degrembus tis I
I hope they don’t cause any trouble wherever they’re going.   .gniog er’yeht reverehw elbuort yna esuac t’nod yeht epoh I

Maybe I should keep the hatch closed.   .desolc hctah eht peek dluohs I ebyaM

I get up to map more passages.   .segassap erom pam ot pu teg I
I’ll probably get lost again.   .niaga tsol teg ylbaborp ll’I
Stuck for a few hours in the esoteric network of tunnels   slennut fo krowten ciretose eht ni sruoh wef a rof kcutS
constructed out of some paranoid need to defend the   eht dnefed ot deen dionarap emos fo tuo detcurtsnoc
entrance of a place most people can’t even see…   …ees neve t’nac elpoep tsom ecalp a fo ecnartne
Or perhaps to prevent exit.   .tixe tneverp ot spahrep rO
I hadn’t considered that.   .taht deredisnoc t’ndah I
I’d think there are easier exits.   .stixe reisae era ereht kniht d’I

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09/22/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\22\90
I’ve been having odd dizzy spells. I can’t reason out why.   .yhw tuo nosaer t’nac I .slleps yzzid ddo gnivah neeb ve’I
I don’t want to blame somnium.   .muinmos emalb ot tnaw t’nod I
That might be a mistake.   .ekatsim a eb thgim tahT

The more I visit the room here, the more odd it seems.   .smees ti ddo erom eht ,ereh moor eht tisiv I erom ehT
There is a door at the back. It doesn’t open. It has no handle.   eldnah on sah tI .nepo t’nseod tI .kcab eht ta rood a si erehT
It has no lock, nor hinges. When I put my ear up to it I hear   raeh I ti ot pu rae ym tup I nehW .segnih ron ,kcol on sah tI
the sound of running water. Sometimes I hear horns. Long   gnoL .snroh raeh I semitemoS .retaw gninnur fo dnuos eht
sad soundings. The kind you hear when near shipping lanes   senal gnippihs raen nehw raeh uoy dnik ehT .sgnidnuos das
in a thick fog. Sometimes the sound of rushing wind.   .dniw gnihsur fo dnuos eht semitemoS .gof kciht a ni

The wall hasn’t made noise since that second night.   .thgin dnoces taht ecnis esion edam t’nsah llaw ehT
When I arrived today, things were not as I had left them.   .meht tfel dah I sa ton erew sgniht ,yadot devirra I nehW
I wonder if someone else has access to this room.   .moor siht ot ssecca sah esle enoemos fi rednow I
I wonder how alive the world above is.   .si evoba dlrow eht evila woh rednow I
I wonder if whoever has been here came from above   evoba morf emac ereh neeb sah reveohw fi rednow I
or below.   .woleb ro
I feel neither fear nor excitement when I think of meeting   gniteem fo kniht I nehw tnemeticxe ron raef rehtien leef I
someone from above….   ….evoba morf enoemos

I don’t know if I should feel either.   .rehtie leef dluohs I fi wonk t’nod I
Meeting someone from below who has managed to come   emoc ot deganam sah ohw woleb morf enoemos gniteeM
here fills me with dread.   .daerd htiw em sllif ereh
I wonder why.   .yhw rednow I

I wish I could bring someone else up with me.   .em htiw pu esle enoemos gnirb dluoc I hsiw I
Honestly I haven’t tried.   .deirt t’nevah I yltsenoH
It may be entirely possible.   .elbissop yleritne eb yam tI
Many wonderings.   .sgnirednow ynaM

I’m waiting for something.   .gnihtemos rof gnitiaw m’I
I feel I must gain entry to the library before I answer   rewsna I erofeb yrarbil eht ot yrtne niag tsum I leef I
any of these questions…. but that’s not what I’m waiting   gnitiaw m’I tahw ton s’taht tub ….snoitseuq eseht fo yna
for. It’s just an arbitrary milemarker, set in place so   os ecalp ni tes ,rekramelim yrartibra na tsuj s’tI .rof
I don’t feel quite so uneasy.   .ysaenu os etiuq leef t’nod I

Now I think maybe I’m waiting for someone   enoemos rof gnitiaw m’I ebyam kniht I woN
and not something.   .gnihtemos ton dna

So much uncertainty.   .ytniatrecnu hcum oS

That’s alright.   .thgirla s’tahT
Mystery is fun.   .nuf si yretsyM
Let’s prolong it.   .ti gnolorp s’teL
Just a little longer.   .regnol elttil a tsuJ

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09/21/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\12\90
The Printslive project is nearing completion.   .noitelpmoc gniraen si tcejorp evilstnirP ehT
Ever since somnium was opened up to me a small   llams a em ot pu denepo saw muinmos ecnis revE
block has been removed.   .devomer neeb sah kclob
The mood is easier now.   .won reisae si doom ehT
The songs come faster.   .retsaf emoc sgnos ehT
The library.   .yrarbil ehT
The library.   .yrarbil ehT
The library.   .yrarbil ehT

Why can’t I open the door?   ?rood eht nepo I t’nac yhW
It almost seems rusted shut.   .tuhs detsur smees tsomla tI
Sealed by something.   .gnihtemos yb delaeS
The other…. the one that possibly leads away from   morf yawa sdael ylbissop taht eno eht ….rehto ehT
the library… to tunnels I would guess….   ….sseug dluow I slennut ot …yrarbil eht
It requires a key.   .yek a seriuqer tI
I’m considering a crash coarse in locksmithery.   .yrehtmiskcol ni esraoc hsarc a gniredisnoc m’I
Of coarse: It rather would be.   .eb dluow rehtar tI :esraoc fO

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09/20/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\02\90
…. and it seems cameras don’t work either…. I’m thinking the same   emas eht gnikniht m’I ….rehtie krow t’nod saremac smees ti dna ….
will be true for video also. Once again, just guessing here, but I’d   d’I tub ,ereh gnisseug tsuj ,niaga ecnO .osla oediv rof eurt eb lliw
assume that they keep coming out extremely underexposed   desopxerednu ylemertxe tuo gnimoc peek yeht taht emussa
because the light is moving slower. I would imagine the devices   secived eht enigami dluow I .rewols gnivom si thgil eht esuaceb
themselves may not even function on the surface….. then again   niaga neht …..ecafrus eht no noitcnuf neve ton yam sevlesmeht
these phenomena may be localized to this room…. I really couldn’t   t’ndluoc yllaer I ….moor siht ot dezilacol eb yam anemonehp eseht
say at this point. I’m going to start bringing paper and writing   gnitirw dna repap gnignirb trats ot gniog m’I .tniop siht ta yas
utensils so I can sketch things that I feel are important.   .tnatropmi era leef I taht sgniht hcteks nac I os slisnetu

I only stepped in for a moment to make the documentation   noitatnemucod eht ekam ot tnemom a rof ni deppets ylno I
tests. I think in the future I won’t come up for such small things.   .sgniht llams hcus rof pu emoc t’now I erutuf eht ni kniht I .stset
The climb is murder.   .redrum si bmilc ehT
The upswing being that, relatively speaking, it doesn’t take   ekat t’nseod ti ,gnikaeps ylevitaler ,taht gnieb gniwspu ehT
as long as it takes.   .sekat ti sa gnol sa
It never takes as long as it takes?   ?sekat ti sa gnol sa sekat reven tI
Hah!   !haH

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09/18/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\81\90
Today I… Is this today?   ?yadot siht sI …I yadoT
I’ve been forming this theory about time up here. It might be static   citats eb thgim tI .ereh pu emit tuoba yroeht siht gnimrof neeb ve’I
on the surface… or nearly that. I think at the open it’s just leaky.   .ykael tsuj s’ti nepo eht ta kniht I .taht ylraen ro …ecafrus eht no
Regardless it moves differently here, even at the base of the spire.   .erips eht fo esab eht ta neve ,ereh yltnereffid sevom ti sseldrageR
Anyway, I took a nap before the climb and I woke to an odd   ddo na ot ekow I dna bmilc eht erofeb pan a koot I ,yawynA
humming sound. Some kind of noise on the surface was   saw ecafrus eht no esion fo dnik emoS .dnuos gnimmuh
reverberating off of the large… I dunno… gate thing. The movable   elbavom ehT .gniht etag …onnud I …egral eht fo ffo gnitarebrever
wall that all this machinery is connected to. I’m assuming it must   tsum ti gnimussa m’I .ot detcennoc si yrenihcam siht lla taht llaw
also be load bearing… otherwise I don’t think the vibration would   dluow noitarbiv eht kniht t’nod I esiwrehto …gniraeb daol eb osla
travel down here… Though I suppose I don’t actually know how far   raf woh wonk yllautca t’nod I esoppus I hguohT …ereh nwod levart
down this place is…   …si ecalp siht nwod

Ah, to the point. This humming was filling the air… really amazing   gnizama yllaer …ria eht gnillif saw gnimmuh sihT .tniop eht ot ,hA
sound. The only thing I had with me that would capture audio was   saw oidua erutpac dluow taht em htiw dah I gniht ylno ehT .dnuos
my phone… It wouldn’t pick up the noise in the air, but when   nehw tub ,ria eht ni esion eht pu kcip t’ndluow tI …enohp ym
I pressed it against the wall itself it got a pretty interesting   gnitseretni ytterp a tog ti flesti llaw eht tsniaga ti desserp I
recording. I think it’s safe to say that there is still some activity   ytivitca emos llits si ereht taht yas ot efas s’ti kniht I .gnidrocer
on the surface… contrary to what I assumed.   .demussa I tahw ot yrartnoc …ecafrus eht no

Well here is the clip.   .pilc eht se ereh lleW


Another interesting thing to note is that when I got this   siht tog I nehw taht si eton ot gniht gnitseretni rehtonA
into my sound equipment, I actually had to adjust the speed.   .deeps eht tsujda ot dah yllautca I ,tnempiuqe dnuos ym otni
I think this may have something to do with the time leaking   gnikael emit eht htiw od ot gnihtemos evah yam siht kniht I
phenomenon I’ve observed. Excuse any distortion.   .noitrotsid yna esucxE .devresbo ve’I nonemonehp

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09/17/07 e.d.   .d.e 70\71\90
I have found the entrance, though I have yet to find access   ssecca dnif ot tey evah I hguoht ,ecnartne eht dnuof evah I
to the surface. It seems a cave-in happened sometime   emitemos deneppah ni-evac a smees tI .ecafrus eht ot
before our father’s death that blocks the mouth of The Spire.   .eripS ehT fo htuom eht skcolb taht htaed s’rehtaf ruo erofeb
Perhaps it was from some event earlier than that.   .taht naht reilrae tneve emos morf saw ti spahreP
We have little proof that father ever visited Somnium.   .muinmoS detisiv reve rehtaf taht foorp elttil evah eW
I don’t believe brother ever did.   .did reve rehtorb eveileb t’nod I
I think none of us have for several generations.   .snoitareneg lareves rof evah su fo enon kniht I
A small engine room of some kind is the only thing   gniht ylno eht si dnik emos fo moor enigne llams A
I have managed to gain entry to. As far as I can tell   llet nac I sa raf sA .ot yrtne niag ot deganam evah I
the pumps and motors controlled some kind of gate   etag fo dnik emos dellortnoc srotom dna spump eht
or movable wall. There is a door near the back, and   dna ,kcab eht raen rood a si erehT .llaw elbavom ro
some kind of hatch on the opposite end of the main   niam eht fo dne etisoppo eht no hctah fo dnik emos
tunnel. If I’m correct one of these opens into the library.   .yrarbil eht otni snepo eseht fo eno tcerroc m’I fI .lennut
I’m almost positive the library of Somnium Underground   dnuorgrednU muinmoS fo yrarbil eht evitisop tsomla m’I
holds works that will far surpass anything either my   ym rehtie gnihtyna ssaprus raf lliw taht skrow sdloh
brother or myself have been able to produce thus far.   .raf suht ecudorp ot elba neeb evah flesym ro rehtorb
If all goes well we will release a series of recordings   sgnidrocer fo seires a esaeler lliw ew llew seog lla fI
from various eras in the worlds history, and begin   nigeb dna ,yrotseh sdlorw eht ni sare suoirav morf
reinterpreting many of them for live performance.   .ecnamrofrep evil rof meht fo ynam gniterpretnier
If possible we will also begin translating and releasing   gnisaeler dna gnitalsnart nigeb osla lliw ew elbissop fI
many of the written works found within.   .nihtiw dnouf skrow nettirw eht fo ynam
Ahbrahm [False] was very fond of hording any art   tra yna dnidroh fo dnof yrev saw [eslaF] mharbhA
his subjects produced. I can only imagine what lies within.   nihtiw seil tahw enigami ylno nac I .decudorp stcejbus sih

This may mark the beginning of the end of NSB works.   .skrow BSN fo dne eht fo gninnigeb eht kram yam sihT
I can’t say for sure right now.   .won thgir erus rof yas t’nac I

I will try and make regular updates anytime I journey   yenruoj I emityna setadpu raluger ekam dna yrt lliw I
into the Underground. Hopefully this will occur at least   tsael ta rucco lliw siht yllufepoH .dnuorgrednU eht otni
on a weekly, if not daily, basis.   .sisab ,yliad ton fi ,ylkeew a no

Wish me luck.   .kcul em hsiW

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