A breakdown of all the band business.
Under construction as of December 2012. A quick bit of initial info is at the bottom and it will grow over the next few months as I figure out how to best present the explanations.

Links to the albums with brief summaries for now, MP3 format in .zip files:
[Feel free to listen to the three major albums for free on SoundCloud or just download any of them here if you don't mind unzipping a folder and adding it to your library.]

Wudun – The Wrecks (2005)
An odd, eclectic album. Mostly organ on top of drum and bass. The first version of the stories and characters.

wudun – Spitting Id, There Graze (2006)
An electronic album. Based on earliest memories as far as texture. Stories are further fleshing out of characters from first album. Almost a flashback.

Wudun – Fall Medals (2008)
A very spacey sounding album. Post-punk leaning. Second mutation of stories through band filter. Characters change perspective.

wudun – Lullag’byes (2009)
An “acoustic” minor album, though we cheat a good bit. Based on following inconsistent “human” rhythms. Features different perspectives within stories that occurred in first two major albums.

Wudun – See (2010)
A guitar rock album. Built on the ideas of conflict and decay, states familiar to rock/blues. Same stories retold once more but through the filter of a Micronesian cargo cult built around worshiping professional wrestling.

wudun – Pistol, Wooden Boots (2011)
The first in a second phase for us. A stand alone minor album introducing a “soundtrack” format we will be messing with more often in the future. Later works done this way will feature built in video narrative.

If you enjoy any of these feel free to donate using the link at the top of the page. If you do I can send you free WAV versions of the albums if you wish.
All donations go directly back into the band, the music and gear. We are constantly having amps break down and stuff just wears out when you do this for so long, so any small bit helps. Thanks!


Questions we are often asked by the curious among you:
This section will provide answers for the interested. Please refrain from reading the “expandable” or hidden text (labeled readmore/rabbits) unless you are already familiar with the band and the catalog of work… otherwise it may ruin the overall experience for you. Also it’s very rambling and will try your patience. Readmore is just a more elaborate answer usually. Rabbits means you are going to hear a long and winding story with too many details and too much emotional writing. Very little editing behind those tags so beware.

The Name – How to pronounce. What does it mean?
The name is “Wudun”. It is pronounced any way you feel sounds best. Pronounce it “Cadillac” if it makes you feel good.
It means many things but when it comes down to it, names just contain ideas. Whatever ideas the band puts forward the word means. It changes all the time, just as we do.

What is the project about? What is the music about? Why’s it sound so dark? Are you sad?
The project? Perspective, chance, circles/loops. The nature of music and people. Time and adaptation. Self-change. destruction>creation, etc…
The music? A naturally found sound bent and shaped over time. Retelling of stories. Situations where choices are not clear but one will still inevitably be made… and what that says about a person. Songs about types of people. Always stories drawn from a world I built, never songs about me or us directly. Sometimes in metaphor but rare.
Why so dark? Hmmm. I feel it’s more gray than many things and tries to incorporate all kinds of moods. I guess there is an overriding cloud, but that’s just things we might be exorcising from ourselves.
Are you sad? Hah! No but thanks for the concern. I’m like most people though maybe more inclined to “sad” than some. Always working on it though. The music helps. Maybe that’s why it sometimes sounds like that.

Whatever happened to the old Somnium story-line you had on the site? Or the whole “Brother” thing?
It was distracting, it wasn’t needed yet. Basically I jumped the gun. It’ll be back though when the timing is right.
So if it all started as an individual view filtered through many, how’d you find the many? In other words how did you all meet? How’d the band actually start?
They were old friends. We already had a rapport. Also, they were the only guys who called me up and agreed to help translate it to a live show. Hahaha.

More progress to come. Updates to history in near future. Breakdown of albums/transitions.
If you are interested at all you are invited to watch, follow, or argue back.

… and if you aren’t…. well I imagine you’ll take care of yourself.

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  1. Robert Loop,(Corey's Dad)

    Hey Jeremiah,

    Heard about the “Feast of Flowers” gig. Congrats! I hope all went well. I think you should tell a little bit about the band members in this blog in addition to the data on the music. You guys looked good in the photos Corey sent.

    1. adminHULL Post author

      Thanks, it did. As far as the bio type information… That is coming. It just takes a long time to write the stories and explain things. Eventually the “Wudun&wudun” section will be filled out with lots of info about everything. Currently editing all that in one massive ODF file.

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